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I am rewriting the Japanese page I wrote last time in English, in order to deliver it to the international audience as well.

We at Hackazouk aim to realize a new relationship between companies and individuals that does not end with retirement.

While Japan is a country with a strong culture of lifetime employment, retirement is often viewed negatively. We would like to change this value and realize a society in which retirement is not a loss for both companies and individuals.

Please contact me if you want to know more about our mission and what we do!
Today I would like to tell you about the role of the product team and how we work.

Although it would be great if you could speak Japanese, the truth is that none of Philippine members can speak Japanese at this time. On the other hand, not all of our Japanese members can speak English either, but I would like to tell you that this is an ideal environment for those who would like to try working globally.

Role of the Team

We are the product design team. As a team within the development team, we set up with the aim of bridging the gap between our respective internal teams and developing a product that will realize the society that Hackazouk aims to create.

In particular, we aim to be a bridge between the business and development teams.
We are working towards this by holding bi-weekly MTGs between teams and organizing documentation so that we can better understand each other's status.

Member Introduction

Yanna (left): She is the big sister of the team. She has another role as the leader of the development team, and she is also the one who moves the product forward from a development standpoint.

Kaye (middle left): She is the younger sister of the team and works hard as a system analyst (SA) to come up with specifications and evaluation methods for features. She is energetic, cheerful, and a core member of the team. Since we don't talk much, she sometimes says with a laugh, "No one says anything, so that means it's OK!" and move to the next agenda. Wonderful! (she really wasn't angry with us, right?)

Zei (right in the middle): He is the younger brother of the team and is mainly in charge of QA, but he also works with Kaye to come up with specifications as SA. He is a bit mischievous and likes to tell jokes. He is a little bit shy and sometimes it is hard to catch his jokes. That's also cute.

Me (right): This is me, the Product Manager.

How to work in Slack

I know you are wondering about how you will be able to communicate with Japanese people who do not speak English, but don't worry. Nowadays, we have the convenience of civilization.
To make communication as smooth as possible, you can now stamp the Japanese flag for a Japanese translation and the American flag for an English translation! How convenient!

How to work in MTG

This team structure was launched last October and actually started working from November, so we were doing quick daily standups in the last two months. As of January, we have already changed to two standups a week and weekly MTGs with other teams one day a week.
In MTG, I proceed with subtitles as follows, it is tough without them as attached file. (Thanks Google meet!)
I turn on my video so that I can cover my poor English as much as possible, including facial expressions.

I told everyone to turn on the video so I could take pictures, and they made me smile.
Zei's camera didn't work, so he was on Kaye's PC together.

At the end of the MTG, a roulette game determines the host of the next MTG (today's host was Zei, so Zei is excluded).

This is how we are going about it. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Yanna' face seems she don't care next MTG's host... is just a problem with the timing of the shot. Everyone is having a great time.
By the way, we start MTG with a greeting like "Happy Monday" or "Happy Friday," which I really like.

I heard that "Happy Monday" is meant to be ironic, but I don't want to be so cynical, I want to say "Happy Monday" honestly and enjoy my work!
Kaye, the youngest member of the group, was the first to say it, and then everyone started saying it. I am grateful that we have members who are willing to create such a fun mood.
Of course, we are not laughing all the time, but we are discussing. I think it is important to have a relationship where we can say what we want to say in order to have a discussion, so we are also discussing with this kind of thing.
(To tell you the truth, there is a little part of me that just wants to have a good time working with the team.)

Good point of our team

First I told you that this is an ideal environment for people who want to work globally. This is not because we understand each other or because we all speak good English. On the other hand, I am writing this using DeepL because I am not good at English either.
Then why? Because we both know that we don't understand each other well, so we try our best to communicate politely and listen hard to understand each other's intentions. Perhaps it is because of the background of not being good at languages at first that we were forced to proceed in such a way in the course of our work. As a result, I think we have trust in each other as people.
So I love my team members.

Off topic

We also hold study sessions in Japanese by volunteer members. (I'd like to have an English study group too.)
I'm glad you guys are speaking Japanese little by little! I'll try my best to speak Filipino too.
If you think this sounds interesting, or if you just want to hear a little more about it, please apply!
Maghihintay ako!

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