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  • Born in China and raised in Singapore. I chose to fly into Japan after my graduation from National University of Singapore. I'm currently in the overseas operations team of Wantedly, handling contract related matters.

  • Wantedly Inc. Global HR Team

    Born and raised in London and now living in Tokyo. I work as a member of the Wantedly HR team in Tokyo.

  • Wantedly Inc. Global Business Developement Team

    Original German girl, born and bred in Saxony. Currently working at Wantedly's Tokyo office. Mission: To make everyone find the job they are really passionate about.
    Loves the sun, traveling, good food and fun people.

  • A Japanese native raised and educated abroad in Germany, France, America, and China.
    After living outside of Japan for a total of 16 1/2 years, I enrolled in International Christian University in Tokyo.
    Fluent in Japanese, English, and conversational level in Mandarin Chinese.
    I am currently i...

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1つ目のWantedly Visitは、人と企業の出会いを生み出す「会社訪問アプリ」です。


2つ目のWantedly Peopleは、名刺管理をきっかけとし、人と人のつながりを将来持続的に使える資産へと変える「つながり管理アプリ」です。




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Create a world where work drives passion. That is our vision and our goal. We are currently expanding to Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany in an effort to bring our services to the rest of the world. We are looking for a driven individual to help support this expansion.

This role provides you with the challenge of building new processes from the ground up which will support our international growth. An operations position requires quick thinking and problem solving as you will need to respond to any new issues that arise as we expand abroad. From customer support roles to deciding on how to handle internal communication between culturally different teams; this is a varied, exciting role that gives you the chance to make a big impact on the future of our company.

[Who do we want?]
More than anything we want someone who believes in what we do. However, anyone with the skills below would be at an advantage.

- Adaptability. Being able to adjust to different cultures and problems is key!
- Someone happy to dive into both front and back-end work.
- Critical thinking. You will be solving problems daily.
- Experience in operations.

[Who do we need?]
The below skills are necessary if you want to be considered for this position.

- Business level Japanese
- Native/business level English

If being right in the thick of it and taking responsibility for our future operations excites you, click 'Want to visit' now.

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Basic info
Looking for Operations
Job type New grad/entry level / Mid-career
Special features Use foreign languages / Business trips abroad / Foreign nationalities welcome
Company info
Founder 仲 暁子
Founded on September, 2010
Headcount 100 members
Industries IT (Internet/Mobile) / Human Resources / Nursing Care

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