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Calling for International Engineers!

Wantedly, Inc. 

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  • Been interested in creating my own things and figuring out how things work.
    Started programming and design at 12.

    A bizarre thing is that I’ve been somehow called “genius” from people around me.
    I'm not smart. But I bet you what, I have pretty good tastes.

  • Wantedly Visitのプロダクトチームのリーダ

    京都大学理学部数学科を卒業後、複数のスタートアップの立ち上げや開発・事業運営に携わる。2012年6月よりウォンテッドリーのサービス開発に関わり、2013年1月に正式入社。Wantedly Visitなど複数のサービス、アプリの開発・グロースを主導。


  • Wantedlyの新卒三年目エンジニア。


  • 大学在学中からBUDDHA,incの立ち上げメンバーとしてグラフィック、WEB、映像、写真など様々なジャンルの仕事を経験。
    その後、デザインの力でより多くの人にインパクトを与えられる環境を求め、2017年よりWantedly InternationalチームのメインデザイナーとしてJoin。



What we do

  • One of our products: Wantedly Visit
  • One of our products: Wantedly People

Our mission at Wantedly is to 'Create a World where Work drives Passion.'

In order to eliminate recruitment mismatches, we built a service that matches talents and teams based on their passion and interests rather than skills and work history. Instead of having strict test-based interview processes, we encourage both talents and teams to sit down and have a casual chat first to make sure that the culture fit is there.

We are improving our services every day, frequently launching new features and incorporating the latest technologies.

That being said, we are always looking for engineers who would like to explore new possibilities that will bring Wantedly to greater heights.

People all over the world are looking to fulfill their potential. If you resonate with our mission, we would love to get to know you.

Why we do

  • Office space at Tokyo HQ
  • Meeting scene

Our mission is to raise the number of people who pursue their passion through the work they do every day.

Do you ever witness people with great potential around you, with dead eyes, dreading to wake up in the morning, dragging themselves to a job that they secretly hate?
We believe that everybody has the chance to work on something meaningful. That is why we build products that help as many people as possible be excited about their work.

All of us are passionate about our work and work diligently to help people find their happiness and passion.

How we do

  • Tech books are available
  • The International Team

We are a strongly engineer-driven company. Half of our team members are engineers, and all executives and business teams communicate via GitHub. Additionally, we approach all of our problems by creating the "Maximum Social Impact on the Shortest Distance"; or in other words, a "Scalable Technology-centered Approach".
In order to improve the features on our platform, we make use of our in-house data analysis.

As a new team member

This job is for everyone who's always wanted to work in Japan.

We are offering multiple positions for experienced engineers, with full on-site visa and accommodation support.

【Development specs】


・Server-side: Ruby(Rails), Go, Javascript (ReactJS)
・Infra/ Middleway: Go, Python
・Machine learning: Python
・iOS: Objective-C, Swift
・Android: Java

・Data storage: PostgreSQL, Elasticseach, Redis

・Base: AWS, kubernetes, Docker


・Experience with Ruby, or any other web app development/ operational/ script language
・GitHub savvy
・Understanding basic algorithms and data structures
・Resolates to our vision


・Ruby on Rails experience
・Front-end development experience using ReactJS or similar
・Experience using Elasticsearch and Redis
・Experience with the full development cycle, having built or improved a complete project by yourself
・Docker experience
・Experience working with a microservice environment

【Who we need】

・Somebody who wants to Create a World where Work drives Passion
・Somebody who likes to work autonomously towards challenging goals
・Somebody who's keen on learning about new technologies

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Company info
Wantedly, Inc. 
  • Founded on 2010/09
  • 100 members
  • Expanding business abroad /
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    Featured on TechCrunch /
    Funded more than $1,000,000 /
  • 東京都港区白金台5-12-7 MG白金台ビル4階
  • Calling for International Engineers!
    Wantedly, Inc.