JAXAベンチャーは、JAXA(国立研究開発法人 宇宙航空研究開発機構)の知的財産や知見を利用して事業をおこなうことができ、私たちは主に貫入型惑星探査機ペネトレータの技術を応用し宇宙ビジネスに挑戦することができるようになりました。



【We have been approved as a JAXA Venture.】

We are now able to conduct our business using the intellectual property and knowledge of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).
We are challenging the space business by applying the technology of the "Planetary Penetrator".

Prof. Tanaka and other predecessors of ISAS have been exploring the world's unparalleled technology more than 30 years.
And now we can use this technology to contribute to the people of Japan and the world.
NASA is currently working with JAXA and others on a project called "Gateway to a Manned Lunar Orbiting Base.
Once this project is completed, I am confident that the penetrator will be put to great use. (Because Penetrators can solve a multitude of problems from lunar orbit to the moon's surface.)
Until then, we will continue to build contacts, funds, and experience through our space business.
And, We will be ready for the day when Penetrator is at the forefront of planetary exploration.
First time, we will focus on solving real estate challenges on Earth.

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