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Bilingual designer WANTED in HQ!

Wantedly, Inc.

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  • Wantedly, Inc. International Expansion
    Creating a World where Work drives Passion

    A Japanese native raised and educated abroad in Germany, France, America, and China. Currently, at Wantedly, Inc working on the localization of Wantedly Visit in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Germany.

  • 大学在学中からBUDDHA,incの立ち上げメンバーとしてグラフィック、WEB、映像、写真など様々なジャンルの仕事を経験。
    その後、デザインの力でより多くの人にインパクトを与えられる環境を求め、2017年よりWantedly InternationalチームのメインデザイナーとしてJoin。



  • Been interested in creating my own things and figuring out how things work.

What we do

  • 11c115f3 196f 4870 9e14 f4bfec8d5cfb?1523427848 Our CEO, Akiko Naka
  • 8604bfdf 829f 42e3 aa09 5b6ad2de81cb?1523427849 Official Launch Event at Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

Founded in 2010, Wantedly is a Tokyo-based social recruitment platform that provides opportunities for talents to discover jobs that ignite their passion. On Wantedly, talents and companies meet based on shared passion, values, and vision, rather than dull figures such as salary and benefits. Every day, our members work on improving our platform to create better experiences for all our users.

We are currently Japan's largest business networking platform with over 2-mil monthly active users and 25,000 registered companies including Airbnb and 9GAG.

Why we do

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  • 49b9691d 44ec 4731 b258 652743beb7e1?1523427850 The Lounge in Tokyo HQ

Striving to 'Create a World Where Work Drives Passion', Wantedly provides opportunities for talents to discover their dream company while allowing companies to showcase their brand story and passion to build their dream team.

We want to create a workplace culture where people are excited about their jobs; motivated to work hard to maximize their personal development and social impact.

How we do

  • B8287c80 eed0 46b0 98df c10c8128fe90?1523428400 Our engineer Yuki and localizer Yuri
  • F3b9980a 4c4a 4f65 84e3 4d15ba622d0b?1523428631 This seat is open for you!

Wantedly has achieved phenomenal success in Japan, and we are now on a mission to spread the idea of 'work driving passion' to the rest of the world.

We strongly believe in taking bold initiatives, expressing originality and creativity, and taking ownership – and we challenge our members to unlock their highest potential.

If you want to work in an energetic and passionate entrepreneurial environment with talented, driven, and young teammates, we would love to speak to you!


Wantedly currently has offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Berlin, and is now looking for ambitious designers based in Tokyo HQ who will exponentially expand our global business.

All of us are passionate about our work, and our motivation is to help more people find fulfillment and happiness through their works. Are you up for this challenge?

Our designers are masters of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. CSS/HTML/JS skills are more than welcome. You will be expected to communicate with the international team in both Japanese and English.

Who we really need:

・Somebody who wants to help Create a World where Work drives Passion
・Somebody who likes to work tirelessly towards challenging goals
・Somebody who's keen on learning about new technologies

If this sounds like what you've been looking for, come over and meet the team!


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「早く行きたいなら一人で行け、遠くへ行きたいならみんなで行け」と言われるように、私たちは「チーム」の力で、社会的インパクトの大きなこと... Show more


私たちのプロダクト思想の根底にあるのは「真のユーザーファースト」です。ユーザーの生の声を一つ一つすくうのではなく、実際の行動データを基... Show more

Move fast

0から1を生み出すフェイズはワクワクするものですが、実際はリリース後の改善のフェイズで、何回改善のサイクルを回せるかが大切です。本当... Show more

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Basic info
Looking for UI/UX designer
Job type New grad/entry level / Mid-career / Contract work
Special features Use foreign languages / Available to talk on Skype / Foreign nationalities welcome
Company info
Founder 仲 暁子
Founded on September, 2010
Headcount 100 members
Industries IT (Internet/Mobile) / Human Resources / Nursing Care

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5-12-7, Shirokanedai, Minato, Tokyo 4F, MG Shirokanedai Building

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