The Power to Complete

To anyone that has worked a corporate gig and had a brilliant idea that got bogged down in bureaucracy to never be completed, or even worse, was taken up but assigned to someone else, startups are the place for you.

Working at large companies, you are but a cog in the wheel. You can have the best idea ever, the will and the skill to make it happen, but the final decision on whether to proceed is rarely, if ever, in your hands. Your boss will consider, take it to his boss, who will then take it up even higher. By the time it has reached the desk of someone with the power to give the green light, it has traveled so far from the originator that the spark that brought it to life is invisible.

In the rare event that your idea is taken up, it is most likely to die before ever seeing the light of day and there is no guarantee that you will even be assigned to the project. There are many cases where a great idea has been taken up by a higher-up, who assigns their own team to it that didn’t have the passion of the originator and the product was dead on arrival.

At a startup, you are the star. You come up with the idea, shape it, direct it, and launch it. The more exciting the idea is the more the other members get attached to it and help to bring it to completion. At a startup, you gain the power to complete.

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