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Contract work
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Director for Entertainment Service


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  • 採用担当

  • Julia Mechler

What we do

  • Koki Kimura, President and Representative Director
  • Monster Strike has surpassed 53 million users worldwide!

Since its establishment in 1997, mixi Group has provided communication services that allow users to enjoy communication with friends and family, like Japan's leading social networking service mixi and the hit mobile game Monster Strike.

- Major Business Areas -
◆ Digital Entertainment
We manage and expand Monster Strike as a mobile game, and also work to create new businesses centered around the Monster Strike brand.

◆ Lifestyle
We operate minimo, an app for direct salon staff bookings, and FamilyAlbum, a private photo-sharing app for families. We've begun localizing into multiple languages and are currently focusing marketing efforts on the US. Several other new businesses are also being developed!

◆ Sports
As we further increase the appeal of sports as entertainment, we aim to create opportunities for communication between teams, players, and users by creating an environment that allows people to experience sports more closely through IT technology.

Envisioning a future that enriches people's lives, we are working to create better communication by promoting businesses and services that invigorate communication from an IT perspective.

Official website
Japanese: https://mixi.co.jp/
English: https://mixi.co.jp/en/

Why we do

  • A sleek, open office space.
  • A peek inside our Shibuya office. Work areas are designed to encourage creativity.

[Focus on the Internet Industry and Community]
Kenji Kasahara, mixi's founder, has been interested in entrepreneurship since his college days. He names those like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who set out on their own and grew companies to amazing heights, as his inspirations. Sensing great potential for the Internet industry in the late 90s, he created a job recruitment information website that started the company on its path.

Later, around the time social media began in the US, he convinced his employees to launch a new social networking service called "mixi" in 2004. This new community for connecting people through their interests was well received and has been used by more than 20 million users. With our "User Surprise First" philosophy, we strive to continue developing communication services that exceed the expectations of our users.

[Tens of billions in investment to accelerate new businesses]
Since 2013, we've continued to expand our business areas with the goal of creating new avenues for communication. Monster Strike continues to boast explosive popularity and, in 2019, we entered into the sports domain. We are investing tens of billions of yen in each of these businesses, with plans to grow them into flagship enterprises.

How we do

  • We generate creative ideas through regular meetings.
  • Regular company-wide events boost team morale

In total, we have 1,041 employees including those at our consolidated subsidiaries. And while we come from all walks of life, we're united with an openness of mind and a shared passion for the company's vision.

[Exciting company-wide events]
Throughout the year, we hold events that bring the whole company together (even if physically apart), like our awards ceremony mixi Awards and our annual Year End Party! We also have seasonal events that celebrate Japanese traditions like Hanami (cherry blossom celebration) and Tsukimi (honoring the full autumn moon).

[Subsidized babysitting and more!]
We've prepared various systems to support your work style and career.
◆ mcc (mixi Career Challenge)
→Open and understaffed positions are made available for application within the company, providing all employees the opportunity to take on new challenges, regardless of age or previous position.

◆ Sick-Child Care and Babysitting Subsidy System
→We'll cover half the fees for childcare services such as sick-child care, babysitting companies, and family support. (There is an upper limit.)

◆ Incentives for Supporting and Participating in Outside Communities
→The purpose of this program is to create new value and invigorate the market as a whole by actively participating in the technical community, encouraging employees to speak publicly, and providing venues for study sessions and other events.

*Certain contract employees may not be eligible for this program.

As a new team member

Narrative Director for a New Entertainment Service Platform
As a Narrative Director (Temporary), you will act as a key contributor to the story of our interactive story game. This position involves extensive editorial work, a good amount of creative writing, and tasks related to formulating the creative direction of the stories. This Director will provide:
• Develop fresh and compelling interactive stories.
• Ensure the alignment with the creative vision when developing the main characters and key narrative elements with the writers, from the conception phase to the release of the game
•Ensure the quality of the script, scene-breakdowns and final edits.
1. Strong creative writing skills.
2. At least one professional writing credit. This can be a published book, a purchased screenplay, work on a released video game, etc.
3. Ability to meet deadlines and stay organized in a fast-paced environment.
4. Bachelor’s degree preferred in fine arts, communication, or related field

Highlighted stories

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Company info
  • Founded on 1999/06
  • 1132 members
  • Expanding business abroad /
    Featured on TechCrunch /
    Funded more than $1,000,000 /
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  • Director for Entertainment Service