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Foreign Exchange Project Sales and CS


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  • After dropping out from Foothill College in San Francisco, Shota joined REJOB, where he held positions as sales leader and project officer concurrently. After retiring he had a vision of "creating a border less corporation that can represent the world," and that is how BLUED was founded.

  • After graduating from high school Minami went to University of California Berkeley. With her experience in studying abroad in the Philippines Minami is currently engaged in consulting and PR for study abroad programs where students study in more than one country. Co-Founder of BLUED.

  • 国際基督教大学卒業。幼少期から計10年をアメリカで過ごす。ブルードに入社後、コンサルタントを経て新規事業開発部の立ち上げを牽引。現在は動画メディア事業部シニアリーダーを担当。SNSアカウントは300万フォロワーを突破。YouTubeの週間再生回数は日本一を記録。

  • 早稲田大学卒業。幼少期から計10年をシカゴ、オランダ、シンガポールで過ごす。在学中に役者を志し卒業後、2年間は役者活動に従事。弊社では、留学メディア事業部シニアリーダーを経て動画メディア事業部演者兼リーダーを担当。SNSアカウントは300万フォロワーを突破。

What we do

  • Immigrant infrastructure service StudyIn Japan. Foreign exchange is the entrance to building a immigrant platform.
  • Study abroad consulting business StudyIn. We focus mainly on half year and long term programs, while maintaining importance in the number of lives that we have enriched.

Blued is a company that specializes in outbound and inbound study abroad business. With the "melting pot of races, Japan" as our concept, we are the lifeline of all immigrants in Japan. We are aiming towards implementing a platform for impacting society.

We boldly attempt to show Japan's appeal to the world and the appeal of the world to Japan.

- Evolution over the next five years
Inbound exchange students, foreign personnel referrals, foreign renting referrals, inbound tourism, international and national hotel development, Japanese language school management, and advancing into the rest of the world.

- 2 main businesses
1) Exchange student consulting business StudyIn's management
Our consulting business based off of the concept to "enrich life" after exchange. We offer a foreign exchange as a way to enrich our customer's lives. Through every foreign exchange, we are committed to "enriching" every one of our customer's lives.

2) Inbound exchange service "StudyIn Japan" functions as the lifeline for foreigners who want to straighten out their settlement in Japan. First, starting at foreign exchange, the best of starting points, we are making a platform for working, lodging, national travel, hotel business, Japanese language schools, etc. Currently, we are experiencing a rush of inquiries for this position. Due to this, we are now taking applications for a person who will be responsible for making a team with foreigners. From here on we are growing into a multi-trillion yen company, so we are aiming to become a platform that has a major impact on society.
*We are hiring sales and customer support positions for Inbound exchange service!

Why we do

  • Community events in which everyone has a blast.
  • Anthony (American, right) is helping with our inbound foreign exchange programs.

• Inflicting a huge impact on a world scale is cool.
We want to become a company in which the world cannot live without. Once we thought that we realized just how amazing cars, airplanes, Walkmans, iPhones, LGBT, women's social advancement, etc. are. Everything that people have previously invented or thought up made us very excited.

To turn that into reality would make such an exciting and happy life wouldn't it? We are very particular about becoming a company that has so much social value because of our business creations that having around is simply a matter of fact.

• Blued's members' roots
All of our members have experience of living abroad. They have all lived in countries with very diverse cultures and have been influenced by this. There is a sense of value in that this is something that can not be experienced in Japan, a country of only one culture.

Right now because of Japan taking in many immigrants Blued's roots will have a connection to finding the solution to the low birth rate and aging population problem that will continue over the next 100 years. Once we think about this we conceived the idea of an immigrant platform business.

• BLUED's Vision
Making One World
Even if race or religion are different, all people come from the same mother race. First understanding each other's individuality and cooperating, then understanding each other's race and religion and coexisting peacefully. We believe the world would become a better place if more countries created an environment like Toronto or Auckland where a diverse community can live untroubled.

How we do

  • Every 3 months we go on a culture trip.
  • Morning yoga

Blued has 38 members in total (8 company members, 6 interns, 17 staff members, and 7 English conversation teachers), with the average age being 26 years old. Almost every member has over 1 year of study abroad experience, with a college study abroad making up 90% of our members' experience. We are an assembly of members who have had their lives changed by living abroad and studying abroad.

A lot of our members want to become an entrepreneur in the future. Without caring about age, we give a lot of freedom to our members and leave many tasks up to their discretion. For example, we gave the leader position for hundreds of millions of yen project to a new college graduate.

We have assembled many unique members, for example, someone who participated in the New York Fashion Collection show, a founder member of UBER EATS, a founder of a cake store in Hawaii, and an ex-Vice Editing president of a foreign culture magazine.

In order to make our vision into a reality, our company is supported by many advisors.

Sugiyama, the CFO who brought 3 different companies onto the stock market, is our management consultant. Another advisor we have is Yoshitomi, the CEO and founder of Ichiran. We are an elite team that is seriously aiming at worldwide business.

Blued's members are college graduates and college dropouts. We don’t care about those small things. Once a new member joins we immediately have them sit in on management meetings and have them help with any problems currently occurring. Our representative Tanaka works together with these new members to further improve the company.

As a new team member

We're looking towards global expansion! If you have any experience studying abroad even better. Even if you can't speak Japanese don't worry, we have staff members proficient in English. Looking forward to you apply!

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