Tsubasa Kondo

Code Chrysalis / InstructorTokyo, Japan

Tsubasa Kondo

Code Chrysalis / Instructor

Full Stack Software and Team Developer

Fullstack Dev, Business Analyst and Lifesaver, My goal is to disrupt the world with my creativity, code, and passion!



I once was a SDF medic to use my strategic thinking and creativity to change lives, and that same passion drove me to start coding. I'm looking to find causes that stimulate my passion for social change and a more sustainable future, and help out where I can.

Code Chrysalis2 years


- 現在

- Teaching critical thinking, teamwork, javascript and fullstack software development skills - Instructing for both corporate clients and individuals

weMORI5 months

Tech Lead


- Tech lead for Non-profit forest conservation app project. - Utilized unfamiliar technologies including .NET, Unity, GoLang


givery4 years

Product Manager / Software Engineer


- Led a product team as PM organizing project inception meetings, design and dev sprints, negotiating features between product owners vs the team and planning project timelines. - Developed key features utilizing Typescript, NestJS (express), DDD, Vue, NuxtJS, Jest, etc. w

  • Zenni - Crowdsourced Disaster Mapping

    Built a full stack, cross-platform mobile app for crowdsourcing real-time disaster mapping. Implemented core functionalities combining React Native, iOS native code, and Firebase.

  • Broamp - Distributed Music Streaming

    - Built a serverless, distributed real-time music streaming application using IPFS - Delivered a tech talk regarding the social and technical implications of distributed applications (Tech Talk: youtu.be/v3scsS1kONM?t=2h46m59s)

Code Chrysalis

Software Engineering Immersive

Attended Code Chrysalis' full-time, advanced program focused on building autonomous and versatile software engineers. The curriculum is industry-aligned and optimized for efficiency and impact.

  • Puppy Shelter (Full Stack Development)

    Engineered a fully CRUD capable web app as part of the Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree. Used technologies include Flask, PostgreSQL, SQL Alchemy, WTForms. Integrated features absent from Flask, including form validation, authorization, and ORM. Digged into SQLAlchemy's toolkit and inserted session event-oriented black magic to have row counters and entry limits hard-coded into the database.

  • Tournament Tester (Database Design)

    Designed and wrangled with a ORM-less back-end database with Python and PostgreSQL as part of the Udacity Nanodegree.

  • IPFS Fanboi - Aggregating Social Media

    - Learned Go and built a Go web application in one week. - Displays a live aggregated social media feed. - Integrates information from github, wikipedia, twitter, and reddit using their respective APIs.

防衛省航空自衛隊(Japan Air Self-Defense Force)4 years



Providing medical care, conducting medical exams, system development • Significantly improved team’s productivity by updating discontinued Access-based health exams system, including creating new reports, modifying document outputs, and bug fixes.

Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd3 years

Business Analyst


System deployment, business process analysis and standardization, change management. • Deployed a global, cloud-based business operations system as the business analyst of project team

Sophia University

International Business & Economics

Course Work: Corporate Strategy, Principles of Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Development in Japan. Extracurricular Activities: Sophia Enterprises, OVAL Japan


  • English - Native
  • Japanese - Native