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The Hacarus Mission: Extending Human Longevity to 120 Years

Our Mission: Bring Life Expectancy to 120 Years of Age

Right when you enter the office, you'll notice Hacarus's Mission Statement and Code of Conduct right on the door.

The entrance at Hacarus

Hacarus has achieved the following since its establishment:

  • Become increasingly global. Hired members in remote areas of the Philippines and established a Hacarus branch in Manila.
  • Hired over 20 members in locations including Kyoto, Sendai, Philippines, and Tokyo.
  • Created a CHO (Chief Health Officer) position for members in the company to focus on health and mindfulness.
  • Focus on enjoyment of employees by planning company activities for its company culture.

With Hacarus's team increasing in number and diversity, it's important to go over our Mission Statement and Code of Conduct once more!

Mission Statement

「To bring everyone on earth to live up to 120 years old」

What is Hacarus? What is Hacarus like, and what do they do?

Hacarus is an AI company that specializes in using sparse modeling. Its technology contributes to the advancement of medical, drug discovery, and industrial fields to one day accomplish extending the life expectancy to 120 years old.

Hacarus has its roots in the health industry when it first began as a "smart kitchen scale". As of now, Hacarus sets itself to a new standard by solving problems utilizing AI.

The age of 120 seems appears to be the maximum to human longevity.
That being said, our mission statement:

"Bring all human life on earth to 120 years old"

...is quite the memorable statement isn't it?

Code of Conduct

The Hacarus Code of Conduct is based on what the CEO habitually keeps in mind and what course of action and values Hacarus was founded on.

1. Make your work interesting. If you feel your job is boring, it's up to you and your responsiblity to change that.

Horiba Masao, the founder of Horiba Ltd. and renowned Japanese businessman once said: "omoshirokashiku", the corporate philosophy which eventually became Horiba's company motto. Omoshirokashiku, which means "Live Merrily and Cheerfully", advocates and encourages that work should be meaningful and fulfilling, taking risks, standing out, and upholding creativity. Hacarus's first code of conduct is based on this motto. As a startup, there are few people, and very little resources. Each person must be able to act independently and keep in mind about creating and withholding an independent mind and environment.

2. Be global. Don't limit/close yourself to only doing business in Japan.

This concept isn't limited to thinking about how to sell products abroad, but rather, to put "global" into practice and construct a diverse team. By establishing diversity in the company, we can then conduct business overseas at a larger scale.

3. Because we are Kyoto. "That might work for them, but not for us". We have our own rules. We are who we are, a company in Kyoto.

The CEO at Hacarus has experience with starting up a company abroad and in Tokyo, however, Hacarus has been his longest operating company. The reason behind this?

"It's because we're a company in Kyoto."

Having prior CEO experience, Kenshin (Hacarus CEO) understood that in Tokyo, overwhelming information, competition and pressure to discover new concepts at a faster rate than other competitors was significant to company survival. However, for business in Kyoto, the degree to which you are seen by customers and proprieters greatly differed.

Take note of the following two points:

  • Carefully looking at issues and markets
  • Creating business thoroughly and intently

In the long term, placing importance on the two points above were much easier in a city with such an atmosphere and cultural characteristics.

Technology Isn't in Our Code of Conduct

Although we emphasize that we are an AI company, we refrain from tying in words such as "technology", "latest technology", or "AI" in our code of conduct. The reasoning behind this is that there are ways in which people live accordingly and healthily by not being tied to technology. In other words, technology can't be used to explain our Code of Conduct.

This is a tech company. Although it is essential to acknowledge this and accomplish our mission, it is still of utmost importance to think outside of technology as well.

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