Exploring the Fascinating World of AI Sora

Hello everyone. My name is Pooja and I'm Puja and I work as an engineer at GMO Research & AI. Have brought you an interesting read. I would like to introduce -‘AI Sora

It all started with a casual conversation between me and my brother. We were discussing this video which went viral that grabbed our attention. In that clip, the YouTuber appeared to be speaking fluent Japanese with perfect pronunciation with an extensive vocabulary. However, upon further inspection , we realized that the video was generated based on the context provided to an artificial intelligence system. Here is the video I was talking about. 


Intrigued by this, I dived deeper into the world of AI-generated content, and that’s when I stumbled upon the captivating technology known as AI Sora. Little did I know that this discovery would open my eyes to the fascinating experience in OpenAI. The video was generated via AI Sora whereas another OpenAI application was used here to convert the text into speech. It's terrifying and amazing at the same time.


1.What is AI Sora
2.How to Use it?
3.Features of AI Sora
 3-1.Realistic and high-fidelity video generation
 3-3.Marketing and Advertising
 3-4.Non profit organizations
4.Limitations of AI Sora
 4-1.Technical limitations
 4-2.Ethical Limitations
5.The Future of Sora
 5-1.Future features and plans
 5-2.Expert predictions
 5-3. Impact on AI field and beyond
6.Where would I use it?

1.What is AI Sora

Sora is a new video generation AI announced by OpenAI that can generate high-quality videos up to 1 minute long simply by entering a text prompt. Simply give it a prompt, for example, “a field of cats worshiping one giant dog” and, in theory, you will receive a video matching that description.

If you’re not glued to social media or niche computing forums, it will have been quite easy to miss the incredibly sudden rise of Sora. It didn’t have a huge announcement or lots of advertising, it was just suddenly there.

OpenAI has unveiled a host of example videos, most of which show Sora producing incredibly life-like videos. They can display reflections in mirrors, accurate fluid movements in liquids and even falling snow particles.

Ref : https://www.sciencefocus.com/future-technology/openai-sora

2.How to Use it?

AI Sora turns written instructions into lifelike videos. It’s similar to AI that creates images from text, but it uses advanced linguistic models like GPT.
When you give Sora a request, it transforms it into a dynamic video, a big improvement over just making static images. This ability comes from its large training database, which includes a wide range of videos. Using this knowledge, Sora can understand movements, backgrounds, and visuals to make videos that feel real.
For instance –
Prompt – A monkey playing chess in the park
The above text gets converted into AI model which generates this –



Please check out the rest on the tech blog site below.


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