AWS, Azure, and GCP, each of which I use in my work and find "nice".


My name is Kentaro Sakamoto and I am the president of Definer Inc.
My name is Kentaro Sakamoto.
Wantedly seems to be proposing the concept of "empathetic hiring," and I felt that I would like to express my values as a representative of Wantedly, so I created this article.

The good thing about AWS

It is the leader and pioneer in cloud IaaS, and has the top market share.
・I have the impression that it is very object-oriented, with Role Based Access Control, authentication logic, abstract service design, and other features that make it a highly complete service, from networking to servers to Pub/Sub.
・The APIs are well-developed, and the documentation, including the AWS CLI and Boto 3, is of high quality and easy to use.
・On the other hand, I have the impression that this is a service for experts; even VPC construction requires complex screen transitions and construction, so it will take time until you become somewhat proficient.
・In addition, the loosely coupled construction is noticeable, so a firm grasp of the relationship between each service is required.

The good thing about Azure

I have the impression that there is a reason why it is rapidly gaining market share.
・When building servers and deliverables in the cloud, logging can be configured directly, and some parts are daringly tightly coupled for ease of use.
・Also, they have a dedicated research team developing their own AI solutions.
・Compatibility with Office systems, for example, would also be a selling point.

The good thing about GCP

Although not as large as AWS and Azure, there is enough unique content to have a certain market share in the industry.
・Big Query, data pipeline tools, visualization, and other solutions that excel at handling big data are also prominent.
・The authentication logic is very simple, more so than AWS, and I was impressed by the simple authorization logic rather than advanced network design by issuing authorizations.
・I am also happy to see solutions such as Firebase, which is essential for Mobile apps.

For those who have read this

If you have read this far, I am sure we share some values, and I would be very happy if we could talk casually first.
Definer, Inc. is looking for people to work with.

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