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Hello everyone, this is and factory's app designer Neri ✌️
This time I was in charge, alongside with Asami, to set up our event for the month. To be honest we went thru some different ideas before we decided for a glass workshop.

こんにちは、and factoryのデザイナーのネリです!

We met on a Saturday morning in front of the glass workshop where the workers of the studio welcomed us. Our first task was to choose what kind of glass project we wanted to make. They had various types, from flower bases to ash trays and sake glasses. Most of us went for the flower base (the easiest of the bunch) but two brave souls decided to try and make glasses!



Once our project was choosen, each one of us could choose up to three colors to aply to it. I think that was what turned out to be the most difficult 😂

Before we got our hands on glowing the glass, the studio members gave us a walkthru the safety of the place and taught us how to be safe around such hot furnaces. No joke there my dudes, those ovens where over 1000C and I didn't want to become a burnt chicken nugget 😰

After intorductions and safety, our instructor taught us all about how to make a proper flower base. She picked some melted glass from the biggest furnace and when it was our turn, we had to blow air carefully into the glass bubble.



Slowly the shape of our projects started to form and we started to roll the melted glass into our chosen colors. This was one of the most tricky parts of the whole project. Too much pressure and the shape of your project would be ruined, too little pressure and nothing would stick.



But in this house we don't give up and we finished our projects without any problems, or injuries, and two days later we got sent our hard work into the office! We were nervous to actually see how our projects turned out and inspect them up close.

and factoryメンバーみんな苦戦しながらもがんばって作りました!


Aren't they pretty? ✨

All and all, everyone found this workshop to be more fun and rewarding that expected. After all, it feels nice to have apiece of your hard work in your hands!

We look forward our next activity next month with the Culture club. See you on our next blog post!

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