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  • 技術で人を幸せにしたい。素敵な技術を人に伝えたい。

What we do

  • Ultra low power AI inference accelerator IP EFFICIERA https://leapmind.io/en/business/ip/
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私たちが開発したコア製品である”Efficiera"は、独自のディープラーニングモデル軽量化手法「極小量子化技術」を最大限に活かす、FPGAデバイス上もしくはASICデバイス上の回路として動作するCNNの推論演算処理に特化した超低消費電力AI推論アクセラレータIPで、今までAIが使えなかったような環境でもdeep learningによる高度な情報処理を可能にします。

超低消費電力AIアクセラレータIP EFFICIERA

LeapMind Inc. is developing its business with the company mission, “to create innovative devices with machine learning and make them available everywhere” and our original weight reduction technology for deep learning models, the dedicated circuit design, and leveraging the knowledge gained from the collaboration with more than 150 companies.

Our core product "Efficiera" is an ultra-low power AI inference accelerator that can be implemented on an FPGA device or ASIC/ASSP device, and is specialized for CNN inference operations, taking full advantage of our original deep learning model weight reduction method "extremely low bit quantization". It will enable advanced data processing by deep learning in environments where AI could not be used before.

Ultra low power AI inference accelerator IP EFFICIERA

Why we do

■Our mission

To create innovative devices with machine learning and make them available everywhere

■Our vision

To provide key technologies to bring next-generation information devices into reality


The world we target for is to make people’s lives more convenient and prosperous, and we believe if we realize this we can change the world.

How we do

Business Approach
・これまでの研究開発から、エッジAIの実装という課題に対して超低消費電力AI推論アクセラレータIP Efficieraを開発し、それを使ったソリューション提供を拡大している。

・We are expanding our solution offering using Efficiera, an ultra low power AI inference accelerator IP, which we developed from our past research and development, to address the challenge of implementing edge AI.
・We can offer solutions for various customers by packaging and customizing solutions for each customer stage.

Technological Approach
・EfficieraはLeapMindが独自に開発した極小量子化技術 を用いることで、優れた電力効率・面積効率を実現し、 AI搭載製品の省電力化・低コスト化に貢献します。

・Efficiera achieves superior power and area efficiency by using LeapMind's proprietary developed technology, the extremely low bit quantization, and it contributes to power savings and lower costs for AI-equipped products.
・The extremely low bit quantization is a quantization technique that expresses weight with 1 bit and activation with 2 bits, which is the limit of the number of bits that cannot be used for deep learning if the number of quantization bits is further reduced.

Human Resource Approach
・社員一人一人のCareer Growthのため、1on1やContinuous Feedbackなどを実施し、メンバーの成長をサポートしています。

・At LeapMind, we are working to create an inclusive working environment that supports the diverse work styles of our employees.
・We support our members' growth through 1 on 1 and continuous feedback to help each employee achieve career growth.
・We provide an equal work environment for everyone, regardless of age, position, gender, nationality, or race, etc.
・We want to work with people who want to make the most of their abilities and skills, and who respect diversity.

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