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  • 1992年岡山県出身。大手重工業企業にて航空機製造に従事。東日本大震災を契機に「日本をぶち上げる」という志に人生を賭けることを決断。働きながら貯金し明治大学に入学。在学中の2014年にZEALSを設立、代表取締役CEOに就任。2016年に業界初となるチャットコマースサービス「ジールス 」をリリース。2018年「アジアを代表する30才未満の30人の起業家」(正式名称 : Forbes30 Under30 Asia) のエンタープライズ・テクノロジー部門にノミネートされる。2019年、藤田ファンド, ジャフコ, フリークアウトより累計8.5億円を調達。2020年、コロナ禍を契機にHISと店舗...

  • 2018年に横浜国立大学から卒業し、現職はITベンチャーにてTechのグローバール採用担当リーダーとして務め、組織作りや採用ベストプラクティスとツールの導入まで携わりました。以前は約3年間IT領域を担当する両面型人材紹介コンサルタントとして勤務。余暇では、候補者様より深く理解する為、JIRAやプログラミングを実習しております。


What we do

  • 2021年4、Zベンチャーキャピタル、電通グループ、博報堂DYグループなどから総額18億円の資金調達
  • Top Japanese Startups 2021に選出

We Are Zeals

A communication tech company based out of Tokyo, Japan. We are a group of scrappy and hungry bunch from different walks of life, looking to make an actual impact on the way people and businesses communicate through our AI Chatbot technology. We obsess over bringing hospitality to everyone--be it our customers or you! You’re an individual with unique needs. As an employer we are ready to roll-up our sleeves and change the status quo if it means to make your experience better!

Why we do

  • JPモルガンでエグゼクティブディレクターを務めた渡邉 雄介氏が入社、経営体制を強化
  • 元Facebook Japan 執行役員の馬渕 邦美氏が顧問に就任

For the past 6 years, our AI-based chatbot has captured–and will continue to capture—the heart of many businesses here in Japan. As a result, we have recently secured a series E funding totaling $33.8M led by JIC Venture Growth Investments and Salesforce venture. According to BCG's recent research, The conversational commerce market is scaling rapidly in both the US and Asian markets and we want to be at the epicenter of this growing phenomenon.

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How we do

  • エンジニアドリブンで高い技術料を担保

Everyone matters here at Zeals--regardless of their background. Be it a young coding prodigy (Yes, our CTO just turned 23) to someone who hardly speaks Japanese. Everyone has a voice. We went from a small, humble apartment to a 300 people organization across multiple time zones (with no sign of stopping) in the span of 7 years--all that thanks to our members’ contributions. So, if you join us, get ready to raise up your voice and spend your time contributing to projects that matter!

Our last 2 years have been phenomenal and we are still growing (with so much untapped potential). While we can’t attract you with ping-pong tables or all-you-can-drink espresso bars. We can promise you full flexibility on your workstyle and co-workers that you can brag about to your friends, family or anyone you meet the next time you go out for a party!

As a new team member

Your Typical Day With Us

Collaborate cross functionally across different teams--be it product, engineers, designers, R&D or sales

Gather and facilitate information from different stakeholders, calculate impact, and prioritize tasks

Gather business requirements from internal clienteles and at times external.

Designing and analyzing KPIs

Work in an agile environment alongside the engineering team to drive and execute project plans

Write and deliver user stories across multiple epics level (scrum members and business associate) according to JIRA hierarchy

Work cross-functionally with the development team and the stakeholders to design and execute plans.

Propose and perform adjustments or changes if necessary

What You Bring

Over 3 years of experience managing a product development

Business level English proficiency

Experience in designing and defining requirements for B2B or B2B2C products:
e.g. management screens for distribution services such as media and advertisements, services used by clients such as media and EC, or services such as DMP and SSP.

Experience working in an agile environment

Experience in designing user operations

Basic knowledge of advertisement distribution concept (cookies, IDFA.GAID, etc.)

What Makes you Stand Out

Business to Native level Japanese proficiency

Experience working overseas or working together with a multinational team

Experience in starting a business based on the philosophies of lean startup and agile mindset

Over 3 years of experience as product manager or product owner in a scrum

Strong communication skills and ability to liaison between products, engineers, designers, data scientists and sales
Experience working with SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)

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