Tong Hu

KT Lab / co-founderBeijing, China

Life is Great

I was born in China, a not far country from Japan. Accepted basic education in two famous schools in Beijing, the huge capital. Period Mathematics and Physics was top in Class, but I forgot most of them when I entered Keio's gate. Keio Unversity was a large stage for me to take lectures at Stanford University, to join an internship at Marubeni, to write a graduate thesis about two countries. Spor



I'm planning to join a sports or IT venture firm to make my childhood dreams coming true. Shaquille O'neal's academic goal and my mother's research projects at Louisiana University must be known very well by all the young teenagers who living in Japan. Of course, I hope to work intensively to save small money to visit Vancouver to make a

KT Lab2 years


- 現在

Doing advisory and research work for China's biggest think-tank. Very low salary. Really. I hope to get chances to work at Clara Online Group or other IT ventures, Sports ventures, and consulting firms.

Pronto Corporation1 year

Part-time Job


Foods preparation. Morning set and pasta. Hall Services. Very tough but happy. パスタ🍝とモーニングセットの作成が求められました。提供のホールの仕事もしていました。とても充実かつタフな一年間でした。

雲河都市研究院1 year



I did interpreting work for the huge data about urban planning. Attend conferences.

Chinalyst Investment Consulting Ltmd5 months



Analysts the M&A cases between Japan and China. Created M&A worldwide reports every day. Made Japan PE Outlook 2013 and China PE Outlook 2013.

Clara Online Corporation5 months



三菱UFJ銀行北京支店2 months




FESCO人力资源有限公司3 months



worked for the FESCO Japan section for nearly two months. FESCO is the largest human resources national-owned enterprise. It's now corporate with Adecco.

SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.3 months

Mergers and Acquisitions Banker (M&A Banker)


Marubeni Corporation

Grain Trader(Intern)

Taking part it the stimulation trading games of grain and corns at CBOT. Enjoyed delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners with my colleagues. Joined the discussions in my team which to improve the world's grain and food trade system and transporting speed and quality.

JPMorgan Chase

Stock and Bond

VIA (Volunteers in Asia)2 months

American Language and Culture Porgram


Accepted 3 hours of English lessons every weekday. I wrote a graduate thesis about Education problems in the U.S. Went Berkely University, Great America park, and swam in the aquatic center at Stanford University.

日本経済新聞(日経新聞)2 months