Tam D Nguyen

amptalk / Software EngineerTokyo

Tam D Nguyen

amptalk / Software Engineer

Make every moment count.

I am a full-stack software engineer with a background in procurement, management, and sales. Efficient backend systems, beautiful & easy to understand documentation, NBA statistics, and cute cat videos keep me preoccupied daily.

  • Kampai Cocktails

    Full-stack web app that helps users select cocktails to enjoy. ● Developed frontend with ReactJS and developed backend relational DB with Knex.js , Heroku , & Postgresql . ● Utilized Rakuten RAPID API to develop fast prototyping. ● Presented Demo at a Public Event: bit.ly/ytKampaiCocktails

  • Dragon Tester

    A Full Stack Web App for helping hiring managers to test/evaluate frontend developers’ skills. ● Developed multiple choice quiz using ReactJS using Hooks and Providers. ● Connected Github OAuth Login using NextAuth.js and developed backend with MongoDB . ● Technologies Used: Next.js, MongoDB, OAuth, Docker, AWS, Framer Motion, Material UI, Styled Components. ● Presented Demo at a Public Event: bit.ly/ytDragonTester , Website: bit.ly/dragontester

  • Jeetbot

    A Discord bot with server moderating features. ● Designed with Discord.js to create moderation features and bootstrapped the front-end using GatsbyJS, and cached local data with Redux.js. ● Continuously integrated on CircleCI , deployed bot to AWS EC2 , and designed backend with MongoDB to store server data. ● Presented Demo Online: bit.ly/ytJeetBot , Website: www.jeetbot.com


In the future

I would like to develop web/mobile applications that help solve worldly problems. When I can reduce the time it takes for people to do what they want, then it makes me feel super accomplished because I know I'm helping them towards their own happiness.

amptalk2 years

Software EngineerPresent

- Present

Code Chrysalis

Advanced Full-Stack Bootcamp that focused on agile practices.

AA Industrial13 years

Executive Assistant to CFO/CEO


● Created systems to sourcing and purchasing equipment within the U.S. by implementing a purchase tracking pipeline. ● Supervised over 3 logistic teams throughout the United State on time management.

Rite Aid9 months

Certified Pharmacy Technician


● Operated front end sales duties, data entry, and insurance claims processing for new patients. ● Prepared, retrieved, and verified prescriptions for patients.

East Carolina University



  • JavaScript

  • React.js

  • Vue.js

  • Node.js

  • Redux

  • Express.js, Heroku, PostgreSQL and 11 skills

Accomplishments / Portfolio


  • English - Native
  • Vietnamese - Conversational

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