Skand Gupta

Rakuten Group / Backend engineer

Skand Gupta

Rakuten Group / Backend engineer

Never stop grinding!

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Patna. I have over 4 years of experience designing and implementing websites. My role involves comprehending project requirements, creating designs, and integrating fea


In the future

I aim to enhance my technical experience by staying current with new technologies and continuously expanding my skill set. I also aim to take on leadership roles, such as technical team lead positions, to contribute to the success of my organization. For my next company I would like to utilize my C# skills by game related development (Unity).

Rakuten Group1 year

Backend engineerPresent

- Present

Designing and developing an internal system for sharing and discussing security technologies, which is utilized by 30,000 employees across various countries. Working as backend engineer with the tech lead as a team of 2. Independently able to implement features and handle cloud side infrastructure (Azure) from scratch as per the requirements

富士フィルム株式会社4 years

Full stack developer


事業内容:ファイル共有 Web サイトに新機能の追加 担当業務 ・ウェブサイトで動画をストリーミング(再生)できるための機能 ・複数のGUIでデータ同期処理と失敗したとき切り戻せる処理の機能

Indian Institute of Technology, Patna5 years

Computer science and engineering


The core subjects opted for are as follows - Algorithms and Data Structures - Operating System - Computer Networks

Tokyo Gas3 months

Android developer(Intern)


The project is an Android app development related to providing a voice interface Created a mobile app for elderly customers to check their Gas stove's gas levels.


  • C#

  • C++

  • Java

  • Infrastructure

  • Security

  • Git, Algorithm, JavaScript and 2 skills

Awards and Certifications


  • English - Professional
  • Japanese - Professional
  • Hindi - Native

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