Ploy Chuensanguan


Work Smart

Senior Area Manager | Amazon Logistics: Central Operations Team , Amazon Japan🇯🇵


In the future

Interested in start-up companies that expand globally

アマゾンジャパン6 years

Central Operations Senior Area Manager


Amazon's Last Mile Delivery - Amazon Logistics (AMZL) Central Operations (CO) Team is responsible for Centralized Route Planning, Scheduling for Amazon Delivery Partners, On-road monitoring activities and provides support for execution of CAPS (Carrier Capacity limits/constraints) that impact over 200 Delivery Stations (DS) across AMZL ne

Central Operations Area Manager

Working as a shift manager at a fast-growing Last Mile support function – AMZL Central Operations (CO). 【My Responsibilities】 ・Lead/Manage a shift of Transportation Specialists on CO day to day operations with a number of 30-40 members/ d

Inbound Operations Area Manager

Amazon's First Mile Delivery - Inbound Operations at Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Center (FC) ・Inbound = When shipments (vendors' goods) are delivered to Amazon FCs, the Inbound processes unload them from a truck and move them to shelves or pallets so they are available to


文学部東洋言語学科 日本語講座

Graduated with Second Class Honours in Japanese Language and Literature. Bangkok, Thailand


English Gifted Student Program. Bangkok, Thailand

English Debate Team School's Representative

St. Francis Xavier International School

Nonthaburi, Thailand


  • ポジティブ

  • マネージメント

  • ユーモア

  • 学習欲

  • チームビルディング

  • リーダーシップ, 分析, 突破力


  • English - Professional
  • Thai - Native
  • Japanese - Professional

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