Keshav Singh

CTW Inc / NLP Research Scientist / DeveloperTokyo

Keshav Singh

CTW Inc / NLP Research Scientist / Developer

Being the Best!

Hello, This is Keshav from Sendai, now living in Tokyo. A little about me, I am a NLP research scientist & developer working at CTW inc in Roppongi, Tokyo.


In the future

Want to develop/create new tools that makes everyone's digital life more connected and enjoyable. At the same time i'am willing to learn more because its exciting to be a part of new innovation.

CTW Inc1 year

NLP Research Scientist / DeveloperPresent

- Present

· Developed Gaming Customer Support chatbot for game users using Python, VectorDB & LLMs. · Chatbot is accurate upto 95% in distinguishing between answerable and unanswerable user queries.

Tohoku University4 years

PhD Researcher


I am working on open research problems in understanding and developing Commonsense Reasoning in conversational AI via Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Encored Japan1 year

ML/DL Engineer(Intern)


Responsible for creating and deploying ML/DL models for electricity price prediction for different prefectures of Japan.


  • JavaScript

  • Git

  • Python

  • Machine learning

  • Pytorch

  • Html/Css, Deep Learning, AWS and 1 skills

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