Kenji Ishikawa

Hewlett Packard Enterprise / Senior Technical Support EngineerYokohama Japan

Kenji Ishikawa

Hewlett Packard Enterprise / Senior Technical Support Engineer

30 years of experience in IT Technical Support

Hewlett Packard Enterprise3 years

Senior Technical Support EngineerPresent

- Present

Technical support specialized for specific products of HPE. - HPE Nimble Storage, HPE Alletra6000/5000 Storage ( 2021- ) - HPE MapR/Ezmeral Data Fabric ( 2020-2021 )

SAT Corporation4 years

Deputy Manager / Head of the Technical Support Center


SAT Corporation

Freelance8 months

Freelance, self-employed


Contents writing work of "aratana inc. " ( currently "".)

Net One Systems2 years

Senior Technical Support Engineer


Net One Systems Co., Ltd.

Oracle2 years

Senior Technical Support Engineer / Senior Product Specialist

- -- Transferred from Sun Microsystems with the acquisition by Oracle -- Sr. Product Specialist ( 06.2010 - 01.2012 )

About Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems4 years

Senior Technical Support Engineer / Senior National System Support Engineer

- -- Transferred from StorageTek with the acquisition by Sun Microsystems -- Sr. National System Support Engineer ( 07.2006 - 05.2010 )

StorageTek ( STK - Storage Technology Corporation )12 years

Technical Support Engineer

- ・Back-line Technical Support / Product Specialist ( Disk Storage, Tape Library, Virtual Storage, Storage-Appliances, SAN/FC products, .....etc )

Customer Support Engineer

・Front-line Customer Service works on Storage Products. Customers: IBM Mainframe customers, CRAY-HPC customers, UNIX customers. Products: Disk Storage, 5000+ cartridges class tape library, Tape Drive …etc.

Memorex Telex3 years

Customer Service Engineer

- ・Front-line Customer Service work on Storage Products and Printers Customer: IBM Mainframe Customers, and IBM AS400 Customers. Products: Disk Storage, 5000 cartridges class tape library, Optical Storage

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