Alessandro Dadone

Mitsubishi Electric / Industrial Design

Alessandro Dadone

Mitsubishi Electric / Industrial Design

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In the future

I would like to be in an active environment where performance, diversity and flexibility are promoted. My hope is to develop successful products from concept to mass production and at the same time improve management skills.

Mitsubishi Electric6 years

Industrial DesignPresent

- Present

Kanagawa, Japan. Integrated Design Center - Home System Design Group. Designing home appliances for Asian and global market. - Driving innovations in collaboration with engineers, developing new designs base

Alessandro Dadone & Luca Mazzon8 months

Freelance Industrial Designer


Milano, Italy. Main client: ELECTRALINE GROUP Development of new power strips and adaptors based on user's needs. Design contest participation: LAMP - Winner

Politecnico di Milano3 years

Master Course - Industrial Design Engineering and Innovation


Milano, Italy. 110/110

Mitsubishi Electric3 months

Industrial design Intern


Kanagawa, Japan. Development of new refrigerators concept for global market based on market and user needs. Refrigerators lineup research in business countries (Asia and Oceania) and creation of maps to better understand t

3M7 months

Industrial Design Internship


Milano, Italy. Design Lab activities, supporting project leaders in every field related to the product development process. Market analysis (competitors, trend, opportunities), concept ideation and realization (sketches,3d modelling, rendering, prototyping).

Politecnico di Torino4 years

Design and Visual Communication


Torino, Italy. Industrial Design branch 109/110

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