Aankesh Rajshekar

Intel Corporation / Senior Software EngineerBengaluru, India

Aankesh Rajshekar

Intel Corporation / Senior Software Engineer

World is not enough to discover new things.!

I am software engineer, working for an MNC who wanted to to explore the startup world. Been working as a full stack developer for the past 5 years and wanted to try a different opportunity now.

  • Movie on A dongle

    This was an RnD project which was driven by an idea of bringing in entertainment on a dongle which was actually running an OS at the background. When this device is plugged in to any of the system, it will copy the contents from the device to the system, stream it and then when the device is removed the contents will be deleted automatically. This project was done using beagleboard which was hosting a linux OS on top it. I was involved in recompiling the Linux code and then flashing the OS into the board and bundling my scripts that was responsible for the use case what we were trying to achieve from this. In this process I learnt how to recompile an OS and bundle our custom script as boot script and execute them. Technologies used to develop includes: Linux scripting and driver knowledge


In the future

I wanted to explore the technologies , products and wanted to work with the real time customers and wanted to be in hotseat always

Intel Corporation12 years

Senior Software EngineerPresent

- Present

Currently I am working as a Senior Software Engineer in the Technology and manufacturing group in Intel. I am involved in mainly developing applications for the Intel factories. The job role includes UI, MT and back-end development (Full stack). I Played a key role in designing, developing and deploying various front-end and back-end comp

  • Smart Home for Everybody

    As an extension of my work, with one of my colleague out of self-interest we developed a small home automation device with sensors and had it programmed to monitor to the temperature, pressure, gas leak and water leak. The idea was to introduce the home automation to the world for less than 100$ .Technologies used: Android,arduno uno programming. The work involved in getting the sensors, integrating them with the Intel's Galileo's board and programming them to make it work. This was a bring up of an Idea framed out of a conversation.

Under-Grad Intern technical

Project title :Generic Mobile Client for Intel based sensor devices

Under-Grad Intern technical

project Title: Automation of Power and Performance analysis in Smartphones.


  • Backend


  • Security

  • JavaScript

  • Algorithm

  • C#.NET, c# asp.net, mvc and 5 skills

Accomplishments / Portfolio

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