TCK Workshop Nabe Event

Monthly TCK Workshop Event! Nabe Party November 30th

In November we had a hot pot party for our monthly TCK Workshop event. Yamashita-san, our IT genius, isn’t just good at computers, he is also an amazing cook. We rented a space in the lovely neighborhood of Jyugaoka. It was a great space for a party with a huge kitchen and rooftop balcony. The view was incredible. We could even see Mt. Fuji. These events are so much fun because we can all relax and do activities together.

I started working at TCK Workshop in September but there are already two new staff members! There are plans to continue hiring new staff members as demand for our services increases. I am still relatively new at TCK Workshop but I have been steadily given more responsibilities and more students. Working here has been great because we all rely on each other to succeed as a company. I am excited for next year’s events and students.

Interested in joining TCK Workshop?

There are multilingual and multicultural people gathered in this company letting you do various things! New members are joining us at an unprecedented speed, and will continue to increase. We are getting ready to create new work opportunities and opportunities where each member can play an active role in many ways.

We are looking for people who: have cross-cultural experience, enthusiasm in education, returnees, bilinguals, or foreign nationals who want to engage in English education in Japan

TCK WORKSHOP is a group that respects, recognizes, and learns from each other. We will hire all those who think it is necessary for the company to leap forward! (Urgently need educators with science background)

Online Tutor for Returning Children / Overseas Children TCK WORKSHOP

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