【Global Talent Working at Rakuma Vol.5】Applications Engineer Mr. Yasir

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RAKUMA has a wide variety of global talent.

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- Please introduce yourself.

Yasir: Hello, My name is Yasir. I'm from Bangladesh, and it's almost been a year since I have joined the company as an Applications Engineer! I like to do photography in my free time especially Travel and Street Photography.

- Why did you decide to become an engineer?

Yasir: Well, actually my uncle is also an engineer and growing up seeing him making cool stuff on computer made me to do the same. So with that goal in mind I graduated from university with Computer Science and Engineering degree. After that started working as an engineer.

- Did you ever consider finding a job in your home country?

Yasir: Oh yeah, After graduating from university I started working in my home country and worked there for almost 6 months. But as I was interested in Japan, so I started applying in Japanese Company and got a job here.

- What did you do before joining RAKUMA?

Yasir: I worked in an A.I based startup for 5 years and had opportunities to work with various technologies.

- How do you like the working environment at RAKUMA?

Yasir: So far it's been really good. Before joining I had really mixed impressions of Rakuten, but luckily I joined in a cool team, the team is really diverse and the environment is really optimistic and flexible. Team's main language is English, So I don't feel stress about language barriers.

- Tell me about your future goals!

Yasir: I think in future, I would like to try management responsibilities.

Can't wait to see you at work!
Thanks for the interview!

Yasir Taher / ইয়াসির তাহের

Applications Engineer / LSP Application Development Team
From Bangladesh. Like photography and travel.

Rakuma Division actively supports the growth of its employees.

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