A Look into Content Creation at Joyz

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Hello. I’m Christopher Scott, the Content Team Lead at Joyz.
In the content team, we have a unique experience that I believe cannot be found anywhere else, and I want to tell explain why.

First of all, we are creating content for an application which is wholly created by the company itself. We are not just creating text or questions for another company to use in their textbook or website, we are the creators and reviewers of the final product. Our partners and customers rely on us because such unique content can only be created by us.

We have specific tools which allow us to directly interact with the system and check the content that we make immediately. We must have a clear image of how the content will look in the application from the very beginning of the creating process. We have to be diligent at every step which is a difficult challenge, but a fascinating one.

We are also not limited to just one or two methods. The application allows us to be creative with our ideas by utilizing speaking, listening, reading, and soon, writing exercises. We can select from our repertoire of formats to choose the perfect activity.

Since the content and the application are so closely tied, it should be no surprise that we have close contact with not only the sales team, but also the development team. This is something special to Joyz. There are no barriers to communication with developers, even part-timers are able to ask questions freely.

And, of course, within the content team itself, discussion is open. We have daily team meetings where sharing ideas, opinions and issues is welcomed.

I hope you will consider joining Joyz for your own unique experiences.

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