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My name is Kentaro Sakamoto and I am the president of Definer Inc.

My name is Kentaro Sakamoto.

Wantedly seems to be proposing the concept of "empathetic hiring," and I felt that I would like to express my values as a representative of Wantedly, so I created this article.

Full remote and full flex with advanced operations

In fact, I have been developing with a full remote team for over 10 years, long before the Corona Disaster. And I have been managing full remote teams for more than a decade. This is because ever since I was in college, I have always felt that it would be better to have people who are far away from each other working "efficiently" at a time of their choosing, without having to work face to face.

So, I have been researching and building an operation with the know-how of how to keep remote workers productive, both at work and in private projects with friends. Now we have a system in place where remote workers are definitely more productive.

Cost-optimized recruitment of the best talent around the world

We screen the best available resumes from agencies around the world, including Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and Canada, and then conduct our own online tests (coding, design, etc.), our own EQ tests, and our own online interviews (to verify human qualities and skills) to ensure that we are hiring the very best people at the best cost.

In Japan, North America, and Western Europe, the IT human capital market for workers continues to be a seller's market and unit costs are increasing, so we are recruiting talented and capable people with high reproducibility from regions with a good currency balance and price competitiveness.

Of course, as a matter of course, it is English. Of course, as a matter of course, it is a local agent. We ordered materials from every agent we could find, ordered contracts, and chose a company with a reliable track record, reliable contracts, and reliable personnel. The results have been more than adequate.

Global from the start, growing globally

I feel it is very important to speak English so logically and flawlessly that native speakers in North America would be surprised. I am convinced that this is the key to success in business negotiations. I am convinced that this is the secret to success in business negotiations. And, we hire people based on this standard.

As a matter of course, we hire people globally, do business globally as a matter of course, and grow. We aim to be a global company, and as a global company, we will grow.

For those who have read this

If you have read this far, I am sure we share some values, and I would be very happy if we could talk casually first.
Definer, Inc. is looking for people to work with.

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