Infinity Vector, the first company to add Nurburgring to a Mobile Racing Game

In a typical corporate company, the decision making process can be a barrier to innovation and challenge. You need wade through hierarchy and lack clarity on what your core userbase really wants.

When you are a startup, you think differently. Things that can appear challenging at first can become a huge boost for members and a lot of fun to do.

If you like cars and know a bit about racing, there is no doubt the Nurburgring Nordchleife is the ultimate racetrack. We knew that Nurburgring Nordchleife is the most requested racetrack for any racing game and our team was absolutely pumped to make it happen.

That is how the crazy idea to add this track to our title Assoluto Racing started. The challenge was not easy though, 25.95 km of asphalt to cover is a mountain of a job. Again, motivation is key and the will of our team to make it happen was too strong! A few month later, the track was done!

A huge thanks to the team at Nurburgring for helping us make this happen.

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