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  • 文理両道(特に機械学習)の専門性と、欧米・アジアで働いた国際経験を活かし、世界市場向けのAIアプリ構築に挑戦しています。500Startups Kobe / Y Combinator Startup School / Tech Lab Paak 卒業生。

    2015年にチャレンジした米国の起業家育成組織(アクセレレーター)One Tractionで学んだシリコンバレー流経営術(素早いプロトタイピングと濃密なユーザーインタビューをコアにした高速PDCA回転と改善)が持ち味です。


What we do

We are building " Kiara " - A business chat tool with real-time AI translation for 120 languages.

Why we do

The core value is to make the life of users convenient with AI for Globally not only in Japan.

We will focus on solving language barriers In the short term.
We believe that it can be expanded the business opportunities on a global scale if you can speak in Japanese with Russian, Brazilian, Italian and Chinese business partners without any stress.

How we do

About CEO Ishii
After graduating Kyoto University, founded through a comprehensive trading company Itochu (London・Milan).
Operates a study group community "Team AI" specializing in machine learning from 2016, it has grown to the current members 6,000 and Japan's largest scale.
So he has connection to Japan and all over the world.
And he has many friends of researchers of top level is also his strengths to get to feel free to get a lead from them.

- Silicon Valley Y Combinator (StartupsSchool)

- Silicon Valley 500Startups (Kobe accelerator)

-TechLabPaak (Recruit)

Under the guidance of, we have to grow the business.

- Tokyo management innovation plan adopted business
- Silicon Valley entrepreneurship organization One Traction graduation
- Tokyo accelerator DKC Award business

We planning to expanding the business into Southeast Asia, India and Africa as earlier and increase the share of Next Market and also move our headquarters to Silicon Valley.

We are putting into practice to the latest working style in order to achieve " a way of working of the future " as a mechanism.
- Flextime
- Discretionary labor system
- Aggressive introduction of remote work
- Increase productivity with a wide range of IT tools (ChatWork / Slack / Gmail / Skype / GoogleDrive)
- A homey atmosphere
- An environment in which CEO is soon able to make proposals
- It is exciting of interactions with state-of-the-art science developers
- An environment to capture of growing AI industry information.

* The direction of the company

* Profile of CEO

As a new team member


Team AIでは人工知能専門のフリーランス紹介&提案型受託開発を運営をしながら、勉強会・セミナー・交流会を中心としたイベント運営に力を入れています。

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Company info
  • Founded on 2014/11
  • 9 members
  • CEO can code /
  • 渋谷区宇田川町 34-5
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