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Hla Htay (Xin Xin)

慶應義塾大学 | Keio University / Graduate School of System Design and ManagementJapan

Hla Htay (Xin Xin)

慶應義塾大学 | Keio University / Graduate School of System Design and Management

Scrum Owner | Web Director | UX Designer

I am a pentalingual Burmese UX Designer based in Tokyo, Japan, who strives to create memorable, useful, usable, and friendly digital experiences. I am currently studying at Keio University under the Graduate School of System Design and Management. I worked as a UX/ UI Designer at Yoma Bank, mainly focusing on UX research. Before joining Yom Bank, I worked at Hana Microfinance Myanmar where I had t

慶應義塾大学 | Keio University3 years

Graduate School of System Design and Management


Yoma Bank Myanmar1 year

Senior UX Designer


・Led the DC - Next App migration UX research, and provided UX recommendations to the Digital Product team. As a result, they requested our team to create educational brochures and self-activation guides for branch distribution.

Hana Microfinance Myanmar7 months

UX/ UI Designer


・Led the Intervention, a digitalization project, to get the overdue repayments from the delinquent clients. Responsible for UX/UI design and service design. ・Improved loan approval process by 80.33% faster by designing a digital CA Assessment experience (Web app and Mobi

Digital Laboratory Myanmar3 years

Scrum Owner


・Gathered requirements from the 2 Japanese business owners, defined scopes, allocated resources, managed product backlog, and oversaw the entire product deployments, from vision and creation to rollout and delivery.

Web Director/ UX Designer

・Led the DSC design components library project. Increased the website launching speed by 85% by creating website components in Figma and established the design library in Storybook. ・Launched 4 websites using the components. | https://drone.dx

Web Marketing Intern

・Learned fundamentals of digital marketing, Google Analytics, email marketing, content marketing, and basic HTML & CSS, and applied them to daily tasks to improve efficiency and productivity. ・Led and released 1st website ( within 1 month of the internship by collaborating with the Japanese business owner, Japanese Content Editor, and developer.

Mandalay University of Foreign Languages6 years

Bachelor of Arts in Japanese



  • Japanese - Professional
  • English - Professional
  • Chinese - Conversational
  • Other - Native

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