Evgenii Sitnikov

株式会社ポケットチェンジ / Firmware engineer

Evgenii Sitnikov

株式会社ポケットチェンジ / Firmware engineer

R&D RTL, software and firmware engineer

● RTL development for FPGA (hardware description languages) and simulation ● firmware development for 8..32 bit microcontrollers (MCU) ● software dev. for Windows PC and Linux with interactive graphical interfaces or CLI

About 株式会社ポケットチェンジ

株式会社ポケットチェンジ1 year

Firmware engineerPresent

- Present

Software and firmware development MCU and SoC system debuging System and circuit design analysis

About Idein株式会社

Idein株式会社4 years

R&D RTL, software and firmware engineer.


Ported a full size neural network (MobileNetV2) to the MCU and accelerated it to 2FPS. Designed, developed and implemented a neural network accelerator with FPGA (385 FPS).

About 株式会社シーアイエス

株式会社シーアイエス1 year

R&D, RTL and software engineer(Side)


Image processing algorithm research and development, speeded it up to 60FPS for 4kresolution; designed and developed an image processing module for FPGA (denoise, RAW→ RGB, and other); realtime video recognition by MCU (classic, non neural)

Sarapul Systems LTD10 years

Senior R&D FPGA and embedded software engineer.


R&D of voice codecs, noise cancellation, sound filtrations. R&D of physical level of telecommunications and quality improvements (echo and delay reducing). R&D video and image codecs for DVR systems.

Sarapul Radiozavod6 years

Middle MCU firmware engineer


Development of MCU firmware for medical devices, military and industrial equipment. Development applications for PC for communicate with my devices (windows only)

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