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Ayumi Mizoshiri

Sazae Pty Ltd / Founder & CEOシドニー

Ayumi Mizoshiri

Sazae Pty Ltd / Founder & CEO

シドニー在住です。オーストラリア&日本&ベトナムでITコンサル/SIer事業を行うSazae Pty Ltd : Founder/CEO


In the future


About Sazae Pty Ltd

Sazae Pty Ltd9 years

Founder & CEOPresent

- Present

私たちは、ITコンサルタント、ITビジネス戦略家、UI / UXデザイナー、ITアーキテクトの専門家チームです。デジタルプレゼンスの評価、成長分野の特定、効率の改善に取り組んでいます。お客様のビジネス目標に合わせてカスタマイズされたテクノロジーとデジタルソリューションを提供し、長期にわたるビジネスパートナーシップを確立することが当社の使命です。


Sazae Pty Ltdは、2015年創業のシドニーを本社とするITコンサルティング会社です。 Sazaeは、ITコンサルティングや業務システムの提供を通じながら、 「世界にチャレンジする人&会社をテクノロジーでサポートする」をモットーに、サ

About 株式会社Sazae Japan

株式会社Sazae Japan3 years


- Present

Sazae AUの日本支社になります。 代表取締役をやっております。

Innovation Dojo Pty Ltd8 years

Co Founder & CTOPresent

- Present

Innovation Dojo was founded to connect Australia, Japan and the rest of the Asia-Pacific via innovation learning to advance all involved. We provide a platform and program in addition to market research and reporting to remove barriers to entry for cross-border and cross-cultural innovation and entrepreneurship. Our customers include lead

Cirrus Media Australia5 years



Open Source Developer for developing Web applications. Technology I use here. PHP, Ruby, .NET and Javascript with various CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal and Kentico.

False Behaving Animals1 year

Web & iPhone Developer


I am working on various projects, including Start-Up projects, Advertising Agency work and assisting FBA in Web Developer consultations, including IOS Apps.

Pollenizer Pty Ltd1 year

Platform Engineer


Successfully reconstructed websites, using CMS, for organizations such as & I was instrumental in developing Plugins & Widgets for CMS and participating in StartUp Company Database with Rails.

World Avenue Australia PTY LTD3 years

IT Manager


As IT Project Manager, I was responsible for Developing Systems, Maintaining Servers and Creating new E-commerce Business Plans. I was also responsible for regular consultation sessions with the company's owner on IT developments and solutions for his business.

株式会社ネットテン5 years




京都府立網野高校2 years



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