Building an IT System that Saves Lives--An Engineering Career Full of Adventure to Fulfill My Dream

Brou William Fabrice joined Weathernews Inc. in 2020. After being inspired by the words of Ishibashi, founder of Weathernews Inc., he decided to join the company. Fond of taking on challenges, he has always looked for new opportunities for growth.

-Be a challenger──Joining Weatherews After a Doctorate

I have always looked for new challenges since I was a student.

That is the reason why I chose to enroll in a doctorate program.

Also, my PhD theme “Inductive Power Transfer System using Parallel Line Feeder” was something new that no one had studied before.

I well remember the day I received this theme from my supervisor; it was the most challenging one.

I struggled to find resources and needed to do a lot of simulation and experiments, most of which did not lead me in the desired direction.

After dozens of overnight research and frustration, my effort finally paid off.

I was finally able to prove my hypotheses through my experiments.

Now that my thesis was pretty much completed, I started thinking about how to start my career. As I like taking on challenges, I was looking for a company big or small where I could make such challenges, working on projects that I had never experienced before, learn rapidly, and get results beyond expectations.

I first learned about Weathernews after participating in the company introduction event at my university.

Until then, I only had a vague impression about the company’s business and culture.

During the session, I heard about the vision of Mr.Ishibashi, the founder, to save the lives of mariners and was strongly inspired. I thought it would be great if I could be part of a company that has such a direct and positive impact on people's lives in times of need.

I also learned in that event that there was a team dedicated to using artificial intelligence combined with the world’s largest dataset of weather phenomena available to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts, especially for that which is difficult to predict. I saw it as a new challenge I could pursue and wished to join that team. That is why I decided to apply to work for Weathernews.

-Taking Part in Projects, Even During Primary Training--The Best Place for Finding New Challenges

After joining the company, I received six different courses of training, including a three-month provisional assignment in the “Cloud Initiative” team, to which I currently belong.

During the first half of the training period, I learned about the company culture, services and service operations. This was done together with other members who joined at the same time with me in a very good environment, though done remotely.

The provisional assignment helped me learn in depth about the team’s mission. I was especially grateful for the opportunity to become familiar with the cloud services the team was using.

I had weekly meetings to share my progress and receive good feedback about what would be interesting to learn and experiment next.

This provisional period was not only about learning. I also joined a project to help the company migrate to using public cloud.

I was so excited since I did not expect it, and I am thankful to leaders for trusting me.

My doctorate research was something different from what I am doing now, but I’ve always loved software engineering, and my first master’s course was in software engineering. On top of that, I participated in various internship programs in different IT related fields, where I gained experience as a network and software engineer.

More importantly, I think being adaptable has always helped me to stay calm and find the best solutions regardless of the role I am assigned.

This has helped me from making any significant failures so far. However, failures are opportunities to grow even more.

One successful achievement is that I passed the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate examination which assesses the competency to work as a consultant for AWS cloud computing services. It usually takes at least one year of experience using AWS services to gain enough knowledge, but I have been able to do it within six months.

I think the most important reason that I was able to do this is my working environment. The communication within my team is excellent, and I receive constant feedback from my Leader. I am also given time to broaden my knowledge and experiment new things.

-Cloud Migration is Exciting and Worth the Support!

Now, I have a role as a solutions architect-engineer.

My mission is to promote more use of cloud services within the company and also to provide support for other teams when they migrate their workload onto the public cloud.

I am always happy to help others solve their issues.

Learning new technologies and services that could help other teams reduce their workload, improve productivity and reduce costs is the most interesting part of my job.

The migration to public cloud is very exciting and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

In fact, during the migration, there are many things that need to be refactored, such as architecture, codes, and way of approach, to meet the public cloud requirements, and this is not easy. However, with a precise vision, good and frequent communication, they can be solved.

I would like to use my experience to help other teams which are not yet ready to migrate to the public cloud to do it in a smooth way without disrupting the current flow of operations.

-Learning Japanese and Cloud Skills While Dreaming of the Day When I Can Help Build an IT System that Saves Lives

So far, my career is running smoothly. However, I wish I had a higher proficiency in technical Japanese language to convey my ideas clearly.

As it is about technical language, I try to focus more during meetings to understand the discussion based on the context and force myself to use these learned words to get used to them.

For the same reason, I am not reluctant to talk to other Japanese staff whenever possible.

In addition, I am going to restart my Japanese self-studies soon and take the Japanese Proficiency Test N2 Level to assess my progression.

More importantly, I hope to be involved in more projects and collaborate more with other teams.

I want to continue improving my skills by taking certification tests and contribute to help more teams migrate to the public cloud.

In a few years from now, I would like to be able to lead migrations projects from start to finish.

My goal is to help teams in creating IT systems that can utilize artificial intelligence technology to predict the impact of weather-related disasters accurately and far ahead of time to allow people to take proper actions to save their lives. I will continue with my career, dreaming of this day.


2020年に入社したBrou William Fabriceは、ウェザーニューズ創業者の言葉に感銘を受けて入社を決めました。チャレンジが好きだと語る彼の人生は、挑戦と成長の連続でした。エンジニアとなった今までの軌跡を、その想いと共にたどります。

-Be a challenger──博士課程を経て、ウェザーニューズへ











しかし、セッションで、創業者の石橋 博良が「海兵隊員の命を救いたい」と言っていたことに感銘を受けたのです。自分も危機に直面したとき、人々の生活に直接ポジティブな影響を与えられる企業の一員になれたらと思いました。











成功については、AWSクラウドコンピューティングサービスに関するコンサルタントとしての能力を評価するAWS Solutions Architect-Associate examinationに合格しました。一般的には、AWSサービスを利用した経験が少なくとも1年は必要と言われていますが、私は6カ月以内に合格できました。










ここで得た経験を活かして、 パブリッククラウドに移行する準備がまだ整っていない他のチームにも、現在の運用フローを中断することなく、よりスムーズな方法で支援していきたいと考えています。









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