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【Trim's people #4】An interview with Kevin! Trim's skilled engineer! Part one!

Hello! This is Lisa again, and today I found out more about Kevin's work at Trim as an engineer!

Please tell us about your work at Trim. How did you find out about it?

I came across Trim thanks to Wantedly. As I have always enjoyed volunteering and felt the need to give something back to the community, Trim’s cause and reason immediately appealed to me! Helping the mothers to enjoy a better world and the fact that I can contribute myself to this cause through the job at Trim motivated me to apply and go for an interview.

What exactly do you do? What are your main responsibilties?

I am in charge of software development and hardware development. I continue to improve the existing products: mamaro and the babymap app and also think of ideas for new products.

Do you like your career as an engineer? What do you enjoy most about your current position?

Firstly, my job gives me a sense of purpose as I can help other people through it. Regarding my job as an engineer at Trim, I like the variety of work, as I am in charge of web development and I also make physical hand-on hardware. Code and logic have always appealed to me, so I find the job challenging and fulfilling everyday.

Engineers' corner looks like this!

What are some of your professional goals for the future?

I am looking forward to the unexpected! Maybe I would also like to develop some more mobile apps and pick up new programing languages! I hope to also improve my Japanese enough so I may one day be able to interact with customers.

Do you feel you have developed yourself since you joined Trim? What do you feel towards your job inside Trim?

I love it so far and I definitely have developed new skills since I entered Trim. I have picked up a new programming language and improved my knowledge in engineering. I also love Trim's company culture! Everyone is young and there is a family-like atmosphere at work. The management style is very flexible and I could say it is closer to the American one and everyone at Trim has been kind and supportive and helped me to get caught up with the work. We also enjoy a variety of activities together, apart from eating the lunch together everyday: last week we went to see the cherry blossoms, known in Japanese as hanami, and rested for a while on the grass, to enjoy lunch. Apart from its people, since I first walked in at Trim, I really liked the office - the open warehouse style is very interesting!

In conclusion, what advice can you give to prospective candidates at Trim?

Be open minded!

Expect the unexpected, because there are often unexpected things in the start-up world!

Thank you again for the interview! It was very interesting to find out more about your job at Trim!

If you are interested in Trim or want to know more about Kevin, please come at our office !

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