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【Trim's people #2】Interview with a shy guy, Macro! Trim’s genius engineer!①

Hello, hello!!

Today I am interviewing Macro, our Vietnamese engineer! He also has a shy side, but today I am exposing his real face!

First of all, please introduce yourself!


I am 26 years old and I come from Vietnam!

I am in charge of software engineering at Trim. In fact, I work at the development of ‘Baby Map’ and I am also responsible for the server maintenance of Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Platform.

Moreover, I am also one of the members working towards a new project. We want to create a new product; a baby crib, that will perform a health check to the baby and which will measure his height and weight.

So, why did you come to Japan?


In January 2015, I received a scholarship from Samsung in Vietnam so I worked there for 6 months. On this occasion I acquired a lot of practical and useful skills and it was a worthwhile experience!

After that, I applied to the Bridge Engineer Software Program part of the largest information technology service companies in Vietnam, FPT, and I took a test recommended by a friend and I passed it! Thanks to this, I could come to Japan as an exchange student for one year! Finally, my plan of becoming an international engineer was achieved!

So that’s why I am in Japan now!

So you came to Japan thanks to passing the exam at FPT! Amazing!!

How did you find out about Trim after coming to Japan?


After I completed the Bridge Software Engineer Program, I started looking for jobs in Japan. Through a friend of mine, I found out about Trim.

I see! But why did you want to work from Trim?


There are 3 reasons for which I wanted to be part of Trim:

First of all,

I wanted to challenge my self by working in a start-up company. It was the first time I would become an important member of a company so it was a really big change.


I supported Trim’s cause of helping the mothers to raise up their babies and creating an easier future for them.

And finally, I really liked the company’s culture and environment!

Not only that Trim is a rather young company, but also its members are young and it has a very youthful culture! We think of each other as friends and we can discuss anything.

Macro shares the desk with Mike, the engineer, and they get along very well!

So you like Trim’s atmosphere and culture!


Everyone likes it!

I can always be myself, say my ideas, make suggestions about new products and everyone will take them into consideration!

Everyone accepts me as I am and that’s amazing.

Not only do they accept me as a person, but they also value my ideas and opinions related to work .

That’s why I think it is so easy to work at Trim!

Oh, by the way, on Trim’s homepage is written that you are also a singer!

So does it mean that you work in the music industry outside your job at Trim?

Yes, together with my friends, we formed a music band, but lately I haven’t really had the time to work on it…

I found a picture with you on Youtube! Looking like a pro!

It really looks different from your usual shy appearance!

Our colleagues who went out with you at karaoke said your so good at singing!

Macro with a flush on his face

Do you have any other hobbies?


I like reading boos and often, on weekends, I go out with my friends, visit new places and make short videos. For example, I filmed this one in Yokohama, in the area near our office so I am sure you will recognize the places!


That’s amazing! You’re so good at editing! You have so many hobbies, that's impressive!


I really want to ask you some more questions, but that’s it for today!

Next time, I am going to ask you some questions about your work as engineer!

Macro also goes to the gym and does bodybuilding training!

Keeping the dumbbells on the horizontal for one minute may seem easy, but it’s not that easy as it looks!

I tried it as well, but that’s all I could do…

Macro as well got a bit tired haha

Those who want to know more about Macro or anyone interested in Trim, please come at our office!

☆☆We are waiting for you!☆☆


Trim is looking for engineers!

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