What we do

Migaku began as a distinctive agency based in both Los Angeles and Tokyo, showcasing strengths in creative production and marketing within the entertainment sector, notably in anime, manga, and gaming. We are in the process of establishing a studio dedicated to the production of short anime, enhancing the content production workflow and character creation through the adoption of AI. This new venture in content creation and distribution is primarily targeted at the US market, aiming to blend the cultural nuances of Japanese and American entertainment.

Why we do

We are committed to tackling the global challenge of content scarcity in the anime and manga sectors, which has led to a staggering $15 billion piracy problem. Our mission is to resolve these issues by creating an ecosystem where a transparent business model fosters new talents coming into the sector, enhancing the functionality for localization and global distribution, and innovating beyond the long-established, rigid business models in Japan that currently impede compatibility with the global market.

How we do

Migaku operates from two bases in Tokyo and LA, running as a full-remote, multi-location company. We conduct our business collaborating with a multinational team, using English and Japanese (although proficiency in both is not mandatory). Our culture is defined by a respect for professionalism and autonomy, while also welcoming creative proposals in a flexible environment. We are an early-stage start-up that has a culture that encourages trying anything as a test without fear of failure, and we balance this spirit of adventure with a commitment to thorough analysis and careful consideration of results when making subsequent decisions.