[WISE OWL HOSTELS RIVER TOKYO]A Brand new shopping complex "TOKYO MIZUMACHI®" will open on April 17th, and "Sumida Riverwalk" on April 13th!

There is going to be a brand new shopping complex right under the bridge, linking Asakusa Station to Oshiage(Tokyo Skytree) Station! You can literally walk from Asakusa area to the Tokyo Skytree enjoying the ambience of local and sophisticated riverside of Sumida.

And the most important fact is that the WISE OWL HOSTELS RIVER TOKYO will be in the center of that area!

Here is the summary of the Press Release from the TOBU Railway:

Tobu Railway (Headquartered in Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshizumi Nezu) is currently promoting attractive waterfront facilities development connecting Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN in cooperation with Sumida Ward to create an appealing space in Tokyo. Tobu Railway has just finished selection of the tenants of TOKYO mizumachi, the commercial complex under the elevated railway tracks between Asakusa Station and TOKYO SKYTREE Station on the Tobu Skytree Line. The west zone will open on April 17, 2020, and SUMIDA RIVER WALK, the footbridge spanning the Sumida River will open on April 13.
By developing a new east-west line connecting Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN, and linking between the Sensoji Temple, the Kitajukken River area and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN with the shortest route, we will create a path with which visitors can have fun strolling around and cooperation can be further enhanced in the Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN area.
The tenants of TOKYO mizumachi will include the popular, unique shops and restaurants enabling visitors to enjoy eating take-out foods at the surrounding park and river environment. Among them are LAND_A, a new form of casual diner run by BLNIBARBI Co., Ltd., which operates 12 restaurants in east Tokyo, and Jack's Wife Freda, the first Japanese branch of the popular New York brunch restaurant. The east zone to be opened in June will have LATTEST SPORTS, a bouldering gym, café and biking store produced by Jazzy Sport whose slogan is to unite the world with music and sports.
On April 13, Tobu Railway and Sumida Ward will hold a SUMIDA RIVER WALK and Kitajukken River/Sumida Park Area Opening Ceremony to celebrate the new area through cooperation between public and private sectors. Tobu Railway will strive continuously to make the area the leading tourist location in Tokyo while cooperating in the Kitajukken River and Sumida Park Circular Sightseeing Path development project promoted by Sumida Ward.

WEST ZONE will open first on April 17th, and the EAST ZONE, where our WISE OWL HOSTELS RIVER TOKYO located, is open on the mid June! Please stay tuned for the updates!

For the further details, please follow the link here.

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