[WISE OWL HOSTELS' KOTO]Eho-maki Session! We made special sushi rolls!

It’s getting warmer these days and feels like spring is just around the corner.
By the way, on 3rd February, we held ‘Eho-maki’ event which is known as Japanese traditional custom to wish good fortune and get rid of bad luck for the upcoming year!

▲ Start making one long Eho-maki

▲ Trying to roll this long sushi-roll

▲ We made a 2 meters long Eho-maki!

▲ Ate it with facing Eho-direction (year’s direction for good luck)

▲ Enjoyed making each original Eho-maki with 10 kinds of ingredients

▲ Thank you for coming and enjoying with us!
We’re also planning more upcoming events, please check our Instagram and Facebook for updated information!

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