「WISE OWL HOSTELS' HITO」An university student who makes her experience at overseas 100% worth by working here.

「WISE OWL HOSTELSのHITO」is a series of article that introduce Hito (people) who works in WISE OWL HOSTELS.

Not to brag, but WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO is very well known for its high score in the web sites like Hostelworlds or Booking.com especially on its "Friendly Staff" score.

While every single one of its staff is fond of having a conversation with the guests, this girl I am about to introduce is beyond measure. You might become her friend right after say hi. Her name is Moe Kato, and this is an interview with her.

-Would you say hi to everyone?

Hello, My name is Kato Moe and I am working at the WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO as a part-timer since last summer. As I am a second runner of this Staff Interview relay, I will do my best! Nice to meet you all :)

-Please introduce yourself to everyone

I am a senior year student from an university in Tokyo, and I love traveling around and doing hot yoga. However, watching Korean drama is my favorite thing in thesedays.

I had an experience of studying abroad when I was a highschooler, and since then, I always wanted to go abroad to learn English. So I headed to Brisbane, Australia in my junior year of University for a year to challenge my English skill.

-What makes you want to work with WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO?

While I was still in Brisbane, I had decided to get a job in the guesthouse when I go back to Japan as I wanted to cuntinue practicing English. Plus, I was fascinated by the fact that I could meet and make friends with various guests, not only an English speakers but also every other people who came from the globe if I became a staff of guesthouse.

The biggest reason why I chose WOTH among those of many other hostels in Tokyo was quite simple. It is because WOTH was the one that I want to stay if I were a guest who is traveling Tokyo.

-What is the role you playing right now in this WISE OWL HOSTELS TOKYO?

I am doing the front desk job like helping guests' check-in and out. Yet, I am also working at the cafe in our foyer, selling coffee and tea to people who are staying with us, or office workers in our neighborhood, Hatchobori. Furthermore, since our hostel is holding in-house events such as Card Game Night on every Thursdays, I sometimes play a role as a host, who helps participants to break the ice. On Fridays, I become a teacher of our Japanese Phrases Lesson, teaching guests essential phrases to use while they are here in Japan. Most of the times, the event goes on fire and everyone, including me, have a blast. Sometimes, we became close friends and go out for supper together. What a job, I'd say. :)

-Is there anything you want to say to everyone?

I really love my job! As I helped our guest to enjoy their trip to Tokyo, some of he guest come back in the nights、saying how their day was full of excitements thanks for my help. That is the moment I feel rewarding beyond words.

This is a job that allows myself to be a part of someone's journey by giving traveling tips, recommandations on restaurants, and easiest direction to get to their destination. If this sounds tempting to you, why don't you join us?

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