「WISE OWL HOSTELS' MONO」Brand new WISE OWL HOSTELS branch will open in Asakusa~Tokyo Skytree area.

In upcoming spring, our new hostel will be opened in the waterfront arcade under the bridge from Skytree to Asakusa.

Tokyo Skytree town has been a very well-known tourist spot for inbound travelers. Especially its location near Asakusa, another famous spot for the tourists, makes them to visit both of the area.

In upcoming spring in 2020, those two gigantic tourist attraction will be connected by TOBU Railway Co.’s new project, and WISE OWL HOSTELS proudly announce that our new hostel will part a crucial role of that project!

As a new pedestrian bridge which will allow people to walk alongside with Sumida River from Asakusa is on its way, people can enjoy various stores, walking through that bridge which starts from Sumida Park to Skytree. Since it is located along the Kita-Jikenkawa, taking a walk through the riverside terrace sounds pleasurable.

The new hostel will be furnished with the lounge and event space, presenting attractive Hito (human)-Koto (contents)-Mono (Culture) of Sumida neighborhood.

It is going to be a place not only for those who stay, but also the locals, commuters, and visitors can take pleasure in their daily lives.

For further information, please check the Tobu Railway’s Press Release. (Japanese only)

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