Flutter is seriously hot!


My name is Kentaro Sakamoto and I am the president of Definer Inc.
My name is Kentaro Sakamoto.
Wantedly seems to be proposing the concept of "empathetic hiring," and I felt that I would like to express my values as a representative of Wantedly, so I created this article.

This time, I would like to talk about Flutter.

When ultra-fast mobile app development needed to be done by a small group of elite developers

When I supported various ventures as a freelance engineer, I knew that

・Not enough time
・Insufficient number of people
・Insufficient budget
Therefore, we needed to develop mobile apps at ultra-high speed.

Also, because the app incorporated a proprietary AI module, it was necessary to develop it in-house, rather than using a no-code tool. That's when we came across Flutter.

The quality level of Flutter's Component set is impressive.

Flutter's Material UI compliant Component set is very high level.

・Just specify the options and you're ready to use, place the Component well, specify the options, and you're almost done.
・We use React for our web apps, but we are conscious of designing them almost entirely following the philosophy of Flutter's Component set.

State's management system needed a little work, but the results were handled very well.

Flutter is still an emerging framework and requires a bit of caution.

・For example, the State lifecycle may be inconsistent with the data model and not work as written in the source code.
・In such cases, we were aware of the need to use legacy State management methods, such as bucket relays, to ensure a highly consistent process.

Recognized as one of the most successful model cases in OSS

Flutter is tremendous. However, I recognize that because it is OSS, it has been successful not because it is OSS, but because the lead architect and the first dozen or so firebrand thinkers were so good.

Flutter is seriously good.

For those who have read this

If you have read this far, I am sure we share some values, and I would be very happy if we could talk casually first.
Definer, Inc. is looking for people to work with.

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