I like Ansible, but Docker makes it more idempotent


My name is Kentaro Sakamoto and I am the president of Definer Inc.My name is Kentaro Sakamoto.

Wantedly seems to be proposing the concept of "empathetic hiring," and I felt that I should express my values as a representative of Wantedly, so I created this article.

This time, I would like to talk about Ansible and Docker.

Back in the day, Ansible impressed me.

Back in the day.

I was on a team that processed big data for a retailer listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (now a prime TSE company).

・I started using Ansible to manage servers using YAML files.
・At the time, I remember being impressed by the idea of declaratively executing command lines and settings in YAML for powerful processing.

I've been using Ansible for a while now.

We used Ansible to do a thorough deep dive into all the commands, and we identified all the processing speeds, backgrounds, etc., but

Surprisingly, there were some cases where the power was not equalized.
This is due to the fact that YAML and command-based processing tend to be mixed together.

In the process of doing this, we came across Docker.

I find Docker to be more declarative, idempotent, and elegant.

Docker is

more declarative, more idempotent, and less OS-dependent.

・It can pull in OS cross sections called Images, and middleware definition models.
・Almost completely OS-independent
・Predefined models can be used so that commands are minimal
From the above, we can use predefined and validated models that are even better quality because they are loved by users.

Bye-bye, Ansible, and best regards, Docker

Ansible was the pioneer of YAML-like OS management, for which I am very grateful, but our company and I are fully

utilize Docker.

For those who have read this

If you have read this far, I am sure we share some values, and I would be very happy if we could talk casually first.
Definer, Inc. is looking for people to work with.

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