[Fun Fam Taiwan] Jason Huang — Global Project Manager

FunNow’s branches are across different markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan, and it also offers oriented services to specific markets and industries, which enables users to enjoy services in cities through a click. Thanks to the FunNow Middle Office Team, smooth operations in various markets are assured. The Middle Office Team is a cross-functional team in FunNow, responsible for assisting tasks and internal coordination for the Front Office Team.

As a leader of the Middle Office Team, Jason is the life and soul of the team. He is easy-going, friendly, and warm-hearted, getting along with everybody well. When talking with Jason, every worker in FunNow can perceive his sincerity. Moreover, because of his wide interest in various kinds of exercises as well as arts and cultural activities, striking up a conversation without a sense of distance, for Jason, is a piece of cake. Apart from his considerable interests, Jason has never limited his potential in the workplace. Originally, he served as Account Manager in FunNow, and then he switched to Global Project Manager as the company expanded to overseas markets. He can cooperate with his team members successfully, which has a lot to do with his working experiences and life stories.

# Be brave in any attempt

For Jason, embracing challenges is his innate ability. He had been recommended by a friend to a corporation providing business analysis services, and he was willing to undertake complex tasks in numerous departments because of his liberal arts background. However, with himself overloaded with work, being a “Challenge Embracer” inevitably got his finger burnt and interrupted his daily routine. The experience drew Jason a hard lesson, ingrained deeply in his mind. “At that time, I was too eager to strike a right balance, and I could not bear the burden of work. Given that experience, now I tell my team members to ask for help when encountering problems.” He says.

# Learn to say “No.”

While making his life back on track, Jason found himself passionate about organizing things. He also arranged and conducted his own wedding, enjoying the process of invention and production. After joining FunNow, he became more enthusiastic in complete planning beforehand. He believes that such measures can not only help remove obstacles in the company’s future path but also build his confidence and a sense of achievement. Also, Jason reminds himself of not following the tracks of an overthrown chariot. For him, turning down others’ requests has deeper meanings — he will remember the enlightenment from the experience, put forward proposals actively, and provide suggestions for his team instead of saying “Yes” blindly.

# Accommodate people’s opinions

“Fierce debates are common in FunNow.”, Jason says with a smile. It is glad to see team members share perspectives toward a project or task. Through debating, several countermeasures are devised, and people can find out the most appropriate one or even brainstorm new methods. The process of “accommodating” not only means reconciling diversity in teams but also compromising with ourselves. After trying not to shoulder great responsibility, Jason feels more relieved in cooperating and discussing with team members. Even though intense debates are unavoidable, in Jason’s mind, “It is satisfying to work with such competent team members!” He laughs. He might not know that in many FunNow workers’ minds, it is a huge relief to work with him and depend on him!


跨了台灣、香港、馬來西亞及日本等市場的 FunNow,再加上每個市場有不同的產業服務,這樣的多元及廣度,讓當地的用戶可以透過預訂盡情享受都會生活,而這樣的跨度及背後的細節確認,都多虧了有 FunNow 「中台」部門。而在這個部門中的靈魂人物之一,就屬 Jason 了!「中台」部門是 FunNow 特有的跨部門功能的團隊,主要概念為後勤及中控調度的角色,支援第一線面對市場的其他部門各種需求及內部協調。

Jason 在 FunNow 是大家公認最親和、溫暖又好相處的前輩,總是充滿大哥哥的氣息,所以不論年紀與他相差多少,總是能在與 Jason 的相處中感受到他的真摯。Jason 興趣廣泛,不論是各式運動,或是各種藝文活動都喜歡接觸,也因為這樣總是能夠有話題與他交流。在 FunNow 他也多方嘗試,曾任客戶經理(Account Manager),後來擴增海外市場進而成為全球專案經理(Global Project Manager),他總能用最舒服的方式與團隊夥伴協作,而這也與他過去的職涯經驗與成長過程很有關係。


喜歡多方嘗試是 Jason 血液中的 DNA,因此曾在朋友介紹之下,到商業市場分析研究為主要業務的公司就業,也在公司部門職務之間很有意願嘗試不同的挑戰。Jason 起初因為自己文科的背景,所以想多試試看不同的機會,但長久作為「總是接受者」的他,也終究在工作量超過負荷之下,讓生活步調被打亂了。那段時間帶給 Jason 的省思,到如今他仍舊深刻記著,Jason 也說:「當時想要多拼一點,結果讓自己超載,現在我就會以此為鑑,提醒團隊的成員有問題一定要提出來,不要怕求救」。


在 Jason 重新找回生活步調的過程中,他發現自己熱愛統籌及規劃一切,連結婚的細節都可以由他自己企劃執行,而且他樂此不疲。到了 FunNow 他更加感受到,自己對於在事前全盤規劃感到有熱情,因為能夠為團隊鋪建出更穩健的路,這個過程讓 Jason 既安心又有成就感。而且 Jason 也提醒自己不要再像過去一樣全盤接受,但「拒絕」也並非單純只是「拒絕」,而是帶著過去那段時光的體悟,面對各種難題時,更要提出自己的意見、提供對團隊前進的看法,而不要再總是全盤接受。


Jason 打趣地說:「在 FunNow 常常會激辯。」但這也是團隊樂見的狀況,因為彼此提出不同的看法,就讓事情的解決方法更加立體了,從中再去找到最佳解法,甚至有時候還能激盪出新的做法。「理解」的過程,不只是和團隊之間,還是與自己和解,不要總是逼著自己要扛下重擔。反倒是現在的 Jason 非常享受與團隊夥伴的合作與討論,縱使時常有激烈的討論,但 Jason 說:「能夠和強者夥伴們共事,我覺得很痛快!」而他可能不知道的事,是 FunNow 的許多夥伴也很享受與 Jason 共事的那種自在,以及他總是成為夥伴們的靠山。

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