What we do

「Bebot」は、人工知能(AI)を搭載したチャットボットです。宿泊施設や職員に代わり、英語や中国語で24時間365日外国人旅行者からの問い合わせにチャットで自動対応する「AIコンシェルジュ」です。利用者は、自身のスマートフォンで指定のコードをスキャンすることで「Bebot」へアクセスし、飲食店予約、観光案内、宿泊施設に関する質問等を全てチャット上で完結することができます。 Tokyo-based Bespoke Inc. is a leading AI solution provider for the travel industry. Its AI concierge, Bebot, is Japan's first multilingual chatbot that performs concierge tasks, servicing wide range of clients from international airports/train stations to international hotel chains such as Holiday Inn to enhance guest experiences. We provide concierge services on behalf of local hotels and businesses to tourists that don’t speak the local language. When a hotel or business doesn’t have enough English speaking staff they give their international customers access to our chat bot, named “Bebot”. Through our chat bot we help tourists to find the best places in Japan. Great Ramen? Local bars? Secret art galleries? You name it. You can count on Bebot to always be there to help. We are well funded, growing and committed to building a diverse team filled with people that love to travel, experience new things and share their experiences. We have support of local venture capital firms and governments. We’re looking for developers, engineers and designers to join our team.

Why we do

初めての場所への旅行。振り返ってみると、記憶に残るのは、 きっとガイドブックやインターネットで調べ尽くした観光スポットよりも、たまたま地元の人にオススメされて入ったお店や場所での体験だったり。 私たちは、この「旅先での感動」をプラットフォーム化するために、 8カ国から世界トップレベルの開発者や研究者を採用しました。

How we do

LEVART (media side of our business)
We use co-working spaces in several locations in and around Tokyo, but employees are encouraged to work from home, or any place that is most comfortable for them. We don’t adhere to set office hours. Some of our team work at the same office location every day, some change their location frequently, and some work from overseas for weeks and months at a time. We meet face-to-face, or over video chat for status and planning discussions. We coordinate our day to day work with Slack, Github Issues and ZenHub. Our primary language is English, but everyone is at least familiar if not fluent in Japanese.