I love traveling and trying our things. Venturing to the unknown where journeys turns to adventures. Each adventures you collect not only memories but also friends and small things that will remind you of the place. Not only I traveled to different countries for leisure but I had the opportunity to work as well in different countries. Each country have their own unique features and each offices are also different.

Of all the offices I've been to Travelience office is the one that appeal to me the most. I've been to luxurious offices all over the world as I was working for a serviced office company before where of course the office itself is the main product.

Our office here in Travelience which I called Traveland because the office itself is a new different world. Here you will find things from different parts of the world old and new, some are odd and scary but most of the stuff are cute and cool which reminds me of my small office at home.

Of course same with my office at home all the treasure you find in Traveland has their own stories from the adventures of the people who collated them.

Traveland is also home to the hardworking staff who came from all over the world that makes you sing
"it's a small world after all". And even though everyone are from different cultures and heritage we love everyone as a family. We are not only learning each other's languages, skills and cultures but have a built a family that is very warm at heart.

So please, if by chance you are around the area don't hesitate to drink the magic pill and drop by the wonderful world of Traveland and meet not only the odd and cute things in it but also the residents who are very excited to meet and greet you. We welcome you with open arms.