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My story working in Japan, in Nulab.

Hello there! I'm Jean-Pierre and I work in the Back Office Team here at Nulab. Nulab isn't your traditional Japanese company. We tend to play a lot more and ...

Hacker News is bringing Fukuoka’s Startup style to a new audience.

Nulab has been pushing forward globally with full force since I joined the company almost 2 years ago. As a foreigner in Japan, this of course caters to me w...

How to work in Japan. How to work in Nulab.

Angela here! I’m working in HR in Nulab as HR in Japan. From now on, I would like to introduce more about Nulab’s culture by using English. If you don’t live...

Let’s work stress-free by having space in your core belief to accept others.

Masa here. In the beginning of 2017, we conducted Anger Management training nationwide. Anger Management isn’t about “not getting angry” or “suppressing ang...

Breaking Barriers with Common Ground - My Insight From Nulab’s General Meeting 2018

Greetings and salutations! Jean-Pierre here! We recently had our company-wide General Meeting. It was my third time having the privilege of attending. As u...

Nulab Global (in English)
We provide collaboration tools. Backlog, Cacoo and TypeTalk. Fukuoka / Tokyo / Kyoto/ Netherlands(Amsterdam) /Singapore / New York(America)