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Cast Members Wanted For YouTube!


What we do

  • Filming and reporting for a video. Japan from a foreign perspective.
  • DOGA TV's Official Youtube Channel. Videos are upload to the channel regularly.

Here at Doga TV, we are producing and filming videos targeting foreign tourists coming to Japan. Our cast members report about Japan's sightseeing spots and what it's like to live, work, or visit Japan.
To get a better idea on what we are talking about, check out our channel!

▼Doga TV Official Youtube Channel

Why we do

  • Our Portable WiFi rental service NINJA WiFi
  • Watch, Listen, Experience. DOGA.TV Japan

Our operating company of Vision Inc. offers WiFi rental services to over 200 different countries all over the world.
With over 500,000 customers using our services in Japan, we decided to use this know-how to expand our services to tourists coming into Japan with NINJA WiFi.
Our mission is to deliver reliable internet connection and support to those traveling abroad.
So in order to better support tourists visiting Japan, we've created Doga Tv.

How we do

  • Shooting a video outdoors on location with our cameraman.
  • There are also times where the cast members film themselves.

The Doga Tv Project has already filmed and uploaded over 180 videos about Japan.
We've filmed everything from food/shop/hotel reviews to area introductions and lifestyle videos.

So we are currently searching for people who want to show people the beauty, food, and lifestyle of Japan through their eyes!

The videos are typically shot in English or Chinese.
Our production staff speaks native English. ※
Our creative director is from America, and one of our cameramen/editors is from England.
We also have Chinese speaking people on staff as well. However, it is a major plus if you can speak/understand Japanese.


We are currently searching for those living in Japan to be cast members for YouTube videos. We are especially looking for female cast members!
Experience in front of a camera preferred, but not required!

Share your love of Japan with the world! Show everyone Japan through your eyes!
*Report on shops/hotels/activities/life in Japan!
*Japanese not required, but preferred.

◇Type of Job
・ Casting for Doga.TV's YouTube Channel which targets foreign tourists to Japan.

 -Native English or Chinese (Taiwan or China)
 -Ability to communicate a little in Japanese
 ※Must have a valid visa(work or study abroad).
 ※Valid ID
  (Residence Card, Passport, Drivers License)

 -Casting experience
 -Experience with YouTube
 -Japanese ability
 -Females are especially welcome

◇Job Details
・Report on Japan from a foreign perspective for YouTube
 -Food/Hotel/Activity/ Lifestyle videos.

◇Work Flow
 ②Register with Doga.TV Cast&Staff
 ③Discuss filming time and location
 ④Sign Contract

Highlighted posts

Basic info
Looking for Youtube Cast
Job type Contract work
Special features Students welcome / Foreign nationalities welcome / Come visit with friends
Company info
Founder 佐野 健一
Founded on December, 2001
Headcount 570 members
Industries Trading / Wholesalers / IT (Internet/Mobile) / Advertising

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