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  • サクサク動くフロントエンドに仕上げるのが好き。

  • I am Sagar, born and bred in Nepal. Currently, in Japan working as a Software Engineer for beBit Inc on a product called USERGRAM

    I write here https://sagargiri.com/

  • I am from Nepal. I am currently working in Japan as a software engineer for the reputed company beBit, Inc.

What we do

  • シーケンス分析クラウド「USERGRAM(ユーザグラム)」
  • 「ユーザ行動観察調査」などの科学的な手法を用いてユーザの体験設計を行っています

◆ beBit, Inc.
We support the digital transformation of client companies with the UX team cloud "USERGRAM" and UX design consulting.

USERGRAM is our fast-paced flagship SaaS product, which analyzes individual user behavior and is used to create business plans and marketing strategies.

More than 130 companies are using USERGRAM to analyze the behavior from a user base of over a billion people. At the end of July 2020, we raised 2.5 billion yen and we plan to embark on overseas development of USERGRAM in China and Taiwan.

◆ Challenges that USERGRAM faces:
・Large offline data import processes, with latency constraints.
・Near real-time processing of large datasets.
・Data analytics of even greater volumes of data.
・Processing bulk data through Machine Learning algorithms for clustering, and predictions.
・Processing hundreds of millions of user sessions annually, imposes a significant challenge with respect to the design of its data structures, architecture, and domain logic.
・Constantly think, PoC and implement new solutions to onboard new customers in the continuously growing DX market.

Why we do

  • 例えば中国の都心部では、Mobikeやofoといったレンタル自転車が、単なる一企業によるサービスをこえて、社会のインフラになっています
  • コトラーも企業のデジタルトランスフォーメションの必要性を説いています

Today, when various digital technologies such as AI and IoT are drastically changing our society, economy, and lifestyle. You could say that we live in an era of digital overlapping, where "digital encompasses everything. The evolution of digital technology is accelerating at an unstoppable pace.

In such an environment, companies are forced to redesign themselves to fit the digital age (digital transformation).

All actions will be converted into data in some form or another and will be utilized in an online competitive principle that transcends physical limitations.

beBit believes that the O2O (Online to Offline) concept, which considers online and offline as separate entities and tries to connect them, has already become obsolete, and that we are moving into the OMO (Online Merges Offline) era, which considers digital and real as one platform.

The scalability of technology increases the convenience of people and improves the value of their experience. In other words, under the OMO concept, all businesses will shift from being product-based to being experience-based and will become more like social infrastructure.

In other words, companies need to redefine "products, services, and promotions" as "experiences that blend into the lives of users regardless of whether they are digital or real". By supporting "experience design," we strive to create a "better society" for both companies and consumers.

How we do

  • ホワイトボードが社内のいたるところに置かれ、部門を越えて常に活発な議論が行われる文化が浸透しています
  • 積極的に思考をアウトプットし、必要に応じて図示することで、認識を共有しようとするのもビービット社員の特徴です

◆ The dev team at beBit
We are 30+ talented IT Engineers from 9 different countries, who are responsible for our flagship product USERGRAM. We are organized as scrum teams with self-reliable and cross-functional features and aim to use the latest technologies/approaches and find simple solutions for complex problems.

◆ Why are we hiring?
Our client base is increasing every year, and our data volume is growing every month. We need to keep maintaining the performance while improving and adding new functionalities. Also, as we have aggressive business goals, we need more great talents to join us to grow together.

◆ What makes this position stand out
Directly affects the experience of many users
- Many of our clients are large companies, so the service operation measures that they plan using USERGRAM will affect a large number of end-users. One new feature you develop can improve the quality of the experience for so many users.

You can enjoy change and gain a wide range of skills
- Since its start, beBit has focused on rapid hypothesis testing through prototyping. This style has permeated the company's culture, and the development cycle and technologies used within the team are also changing rapidly. Especially in data pipelines and infrastructure, the technology stack is rapidly changing to more modern ones, and the work environment is becoming more and more interesting. Trying to change yourself and your surroundings is always encouraged.

You can work in a diverse team
- The development team consists of members from about 10 different countries. We all work together as one team through trial and error.

We value psychological safety
- You can experience growing a product by working as one team, regardless of whether you're in development or in a business team. You can also discuss high-level technology in a positive manner.

Check our blog to learn more about our team.
(All translated into English)

As a new team member

Your Mission as a Full Stack Engineer
● Troubleshoot and enhance current applications
● Analyze the industry developments, trends, and formulate more efficient processes
● Discover product issues by yourself and propose improvement measures
● Solve technical problems and create a more seamless experience for users
● Actively participate in the tech reviews
● Educate, coach, and mentor the junior members
● Keep our Tech Stack up to date
● Have an interest in the design of the whole service and its issues
● Communicate and collaborate with the business side to develop valuable products

Your Skills/Experience that we look for
● 2+ years of software development experience using either Vue/React/Angular or Python
● Public cloud development (AWS or GCP)and operation experience using Docker
● Intermediate Level English or Japanese (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
● Having great communication skills and teamwork skills to work as a team
● On top of all, we are looking for great minds that can relate to our vision for USERGRAM

Value-added skills
● Critical thinking skills, ability to come up with solutions to emerging problems
● Experience designing software architecture
● Experience designing schemas and SQL performance tuning for databases
● ETL development experience with public cloud especially AWS
● CI/CD construction and operation experience
● Experience in the development of single page applications with Vue.js, React, or Angular
● Container Orchestration experience such as Kubernetes
● Experience in coding (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
● Experience in web design (Figma)
● Experience in data visualization or analysis with Redash (BI tool)
● Experience with Agile Scrum-based development process
● Experience in team management

USERGRAM’s Technology Stack (for reference):

If you want to implement high-volume data processing solutions, join us!
We provide competitive salaries and benefits.

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