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Motion Graphic/Video Editor - EdTech


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  • Alex Scharf

What we do

  • GLOBIS Unlimited
  • GLOBIS Unlimited

About GLOBIS: GLOBIS strives to bring creative change and innovation to society, through people, capital and knowledge. We nurture business leaders at GLOBIS University, Japan’s very large business school. Over 1,400 leading companies have sharpened their management capabilities with GLOBIS Corporate Education. GLOBIS has supported the growth of start-ups by investing over 66 billion yen in funds in 130 companies through GLOBIS Capital Partners. Utilizing the GLOBIS Insights digital media platform and GLOBIS MBA book series, we have shared management expertise globally.

Why we do

  • a good work environment

Motion graphic and video editor for GLOBIS EdTech service.

We are looking for an experienced motion graphic designer and video editor to help bring our digital products to a GLOBIS audience. 

The successful candidate will work closely with our instructional design team to design and animate instructional videos for GLOBIS Unlimited, a subscription-based online video learning platform for English-speaking users. The ideal candidates are visual problem solvers able to depict complex business content in an engaging animated format. Deliverables include original storyboards, graphic visualizations, and animated videos to be released on the GLOBIS Unlimited platform.

Duties also include working with the marketing team to create promotional material: digital ads, video, and web content.

About GLOBIS Unlimited: GLOBIS Unlimited is an online business microlearning platform, covering MBA-level business topics.

How we do

  • Office
  • Office

We have a diverse group of employees, including former venture capitalists, start-up founders (CTOs), employees who did new business development in large companies, and data scientists, making for an exciting team to work together with.

■働きやすい環境 Comfortable working environment
・フルリモートワーク可能 Full remote work possible.
・フルフレックス制度(開発部門はコアタイムなし) Full-flex system (no core time)
・実働 7.5 時間/日 Actual work hours: 7.5 hours/day
・平均残業時間実績値:20 時間/月 Average overtime: 20 hours/month
・フリーアドレス Open Seating
・カフェスペースでのドリンク無料 Free drinks in the café
・休日の社外セミナー参加時の振休取得可 Time off for attending seminars on holidays
・経費での書籍購入 Books can be purchased at cost.
・副業可 Acceptable to have side jobs.
・時短勤務制度あり System for shortened working hours available
・MacBook Pro 15inch、27inchディスプレイ
(フルリモート勤務へのディスプレイの貸し出しは行っておりません We do not lend out display monitors to full remote workers.)

自由と自己責任を HR ポリシーとして掲げ、 会社は自己実現の場と考えています。

Based on our HR policies of freedom and self-responsibility, we believe our company is a place for self-realization. Therefore, we do not define roles based on performance alone, but set goals through dialogue. If you want to have external training or go to conferences to realize your goals, you can use the self-development support system (we support half of the cost) or our business training system (we cover the full cost). In addition, there are support systems for attending business school and studying abroad, making it an easy place to work for those who want to take on new challenges.

As a new team member

- Plan and create visual materials through strong, conceptual thinking for use in online video courses
- Work together with instructional design team to implement graphic design principles in learning content
- Create graphic designs for promotional material (digital ads, infographics, landing page designs, etc.)
- Produce and animate explanatory video content
- Develop and adhere to existing and new style guidelines, including fonts and colors

- 2+ years professional work experience in visual and motion graphic design
- Bachelor’s degree (preferably in graphic design, animation, film, or a related field)
- Experience with graphic design tools (competence using Adobe Illustrator, Premier Pro and After Effects is essential)
- Excellent communication skills with a strong understanding of the importance of design in both learning and business contexts
- Highly adaptable team player able to listen to and incorporate direction and feedback from stakeholders
- Business-level Japanese ability (JLPT N3 or above); native-level English
- Have a strong interest in GLOBIS business and GLOBIS WAY

- Experience in production (recording video content)
- Experience with photography
- Experience with creation of educational content
- Portfolio of past projects

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