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Innovative UI/UX Designer wanted!


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  • After working in web development in Gothenburg for eight years, he decided to move to Japan and joined Yaraku. As the head of the development team, he deals with a variety of operations.

  • Studied multilingual technologies at Nanyang Technological University. After graduation, he got his professor’s recommendation to join Yaraku. His hobby is online gaming. He deals with back-end development as well as language data processing.

  • Graduated from Donbass College of Engineering, majoring in computer science. After working as a freelance software developer for several years, he joined Yaraku. He deals with web development as well as front-end development.

  • After graduating from Waseda University, he moved to New York to work for an online marketing company for several years. He then returned to Japan and established Yaraku. Winner of many business contests.

What we do

  • 翻訳ソフトウェア「ヤラクゼン」
  • 元気に。




Why we do



How we do

  • 駅3分のオフィスなのに、みんな健康のため、歩いて帰るそうです!もちろん、私、中山は迷わず電車です(笑)
  • 子育ても、仕事も楽しみながら、八楽を支えてくれています!










As a new team member

【About Yaraku】
Yaraku is a small start-up located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Our focus is primarily on our web-based Translation Management System application based on our mission of "making global communication fun".
We have a diverse group of members, regardless of gender or nationality, who work as enjoying global communication every day.

【YarakuZen】 https://www.yarakuzen.com
YarakuZen is a cloud-based translation management system. Our approach of combining human and machine translation can increase the efficiency of your translation work by 200% or more.

【YarakuStick】 https://www.yarakustick.com/en/
YarakuStick (β) is a completely new simultaneous translation device. Instead of translating and speaking one sentence simultaneously like conventional voice translators, YarakuStick (β) will continuously perform machine translation and display it as subtitles.

【Job description】
UI/UX Designer to join our development team.

【Basic Qualifications】
・Knowledge and working experience as a UI/UX designer (3 years or more)
・PHP knowledge and implementation experience
・Understanding of object-oriented design
・Knowledge and practical experience in building websites using WordPress.
・Ability to communicate in both English and Japanese (internal communication is 50/50 Japanese and English)
* Conversational level of Japanese is required; business level is not necessary.

【Prefer Qualifications】
・Comfortable working with Product and Tech partners
・Familiarity with design and prototyping tools
・Familiarity with working and contributing to an established design system

【Job responsibilities】
UI/UX proposals, wireframing, design, and implementation of the following ;
・Our company website
・YarakuStick official website
・YarakuZen official website
・Planning and production of other media related to sales promotion

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